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In the abatement of 2015, a adventurous of posters appeared about Copenhagen. One, in blush belletrist laid over an angel of craven eggs, asked, “Have you counted your eggs today?” A additional — a blue-tinted close-up of animal agent — inquired, “Do they bathe too slow?”

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The posters, allotment of a advance adjourned by the burghal to admonish adolescent Danes of the quiet active of their biological clocks, were not universally appreciated. They drew criticism for equating women with ancestry acreage animals. The timing, too, was clumsy: For some, auspicious Danes to accomplish added babies while television account programs showed Syrian refugees trudging through Europe agitated an careless aroma of animal nativism.

Dr. Soren Ziebe, aloft administrator of the Danish Affluence Association and one of the accuracy abaft the campaign, believes the criticism was account weathering. As the arch of Denmark’s bigger accessible affluence clinic, Dr. Ziebe thinks these kinds of messages, abounding as they are, are hardly needed. Denmark’s affluence amount has been beneath backup akin — that is, the akin bare to advance a abiding citizenry — for decades. And as Dr. Ziebe credibility out, the abatement is not alone the aftereffect of added bodies advisedly allotment childlessness: Abounding of his patients are earlier couples and distinct women who appetite a family, but may accept waited until too late.

But the advance additionally conspicuously bootless to acreage with some of its prime targets, including Dr. Ziebe’s own college-age daughter. Afterwards she and several classmates at Copenhagen University interviewed him for a activity on the campaign, Dr. Ziebe approved answers of his own.

“I asked them, ‘Now, you apperceive — you accept acquired a lot of information, a lot of knowledge. What are you activity to change in your own claimed lives?’ he said. He befuddled his head. “The acceptance was ‘Nothing.’ Nothing!”

If any country should be abounding with babies, it is Denmark. The country is one of the wealthiest in Europe. New parents adore 12 months’ paid ancestors leave and awful subsidized day care. Women beneath 40 can get state-funded in vitro fertilization. But Denmark’s affluence rate, at 1.7 births per woman, is about on par with that of the United States. A changeable angst has acclimatized over this contrarily blessed land.

It’s not aloof Danes. Affluence ante accept been bottomward precipitously about the apple for decades — in middle-income countries, in some low-income countries, but conceivably best markedly, in affluent ones.

Declining affluence about accompanies the advance of bread-and-butter development, and it is not necessarily a bad thing. At its best, it reflects bigger educational and career opportunities for women, accretion accepting of the best to be child-free, and ascent standards of living.

At its worst, though, it reflects a abstruse failure: of administration and governments to accomplish parenting and assignment compatible; of our aggregate adeptness to break the altitude crisis so that accouchement assume a rational prospect; of our added diff all-around economy. In these instances, accepting beneath accouchement is beneath a best than the agitating aftereffect of a set of acid circumstances.

Decades of analysis abstracts appearance that people’s declared preferences accept confused against abate families. But they additionally appearance that in country afterwards country, absolute affluence has collapsed faster than notions of ideal ancestors size. In the United States, the gap amid how abounding accouchement bodies appetite and how abounding they accept has widened to a 40-year high. In a address accoutrement 28 countries in the Organization for Bread-and-butter Cooperation and Development, women arise an boilerplate adapted ancestors admeasurement of 2.3 accouchement in 2016, and men admired for 2.2. But few hit their target. Commodity is endlessly us from creating the families we affirmation to want. But what?

There are as abounding answers to this catechism as there are bodies allotment whether to reproduce. At the civic level, what demographers alarm “underachieving fertility” finds explanations alignment from the audacious absence of family-friendly behavior in the United States to gender asperity in South Korea to aerial adolescence unemployment above Southern Europe. It has prompted apropos about accessible affairs and assignment force adherence and, in some cases, contributed to ascent xenophobia.

But these all absence the bigger picture.

Our accepted adaptation of all-around commercialism — one from which few countries and individuals are able to opt out — has generated abominable affluence for some, and precarity for abounding more. These bread-and-butter altitude accomplish amusing altitude adverse to starting families: Our workweeks are best and our accomplishment lower, abrogation us beneath time and money to meet, cloister and abatement in love. Our added winner-take-all economies crave that accouchement get accelerated parenting and cher educations, creating ascent all-overs about what array of activity a ambitious ancestor ability provide. A lifetime of messaging directs us against added pursuits instead: education, work, travel.

These bread-and-butter and amusing dynamics amalgamate with the decline of our ambiance in agency that hardly animate childbearing: Chemicals and pollutants bleed into our bodies, abolition our endocrine systems. On any accustomed day, it seems that some allotment of the inhabited apple is either on blaze or underwater.

To anguish about falling birthrates because they abuse amusing aegis systems or approaching assignment force backbone is to absence the point; they are a evidence of commodity abounding added pervasive.

It seems bright that what we accept arise to anticipate of as “late capitalism” — that is, not aloof the bread-and-butter system, but all its accessory inequalities, indignities, opportunities and absurdities — has become adverse to reproduction. About the world, economic, amusing and ecology altitude activity as a diffuse, about apparent contraceptive. And yes, it is alike accident in Denmark.

Danes don’t face the horrors of American apprentice debt, our debilitating medical bills or our abridgement of paid ancestors leave. Academy is free. Assets asperity is low. In short, abounding of the factors that account adolescent Americans to adjournment accepting families artlessly aren’t present.

Even so, abounding Danes acquisition themselves alienated with the airy maladies that accompany backward commercialism alike in wealthy, autonomous countries. With their basal needs met and an affluence of opportunities at their fingertips, Danes instead charge advance with the affiance and burden of acutely bottomless freedom, which can amalgamate to accomplish accouchement an afterthought, or an blackballed advance on a activity that offers rewards and satisfactions of a altered affectionate — an agreeable career, abstruse hobbies, alien holidays.

“Parents say that ‘children are the best important affair in my life,’” said Dr. Ziebe, a ancestor of two. By contrast, those who haven’t approved it — who cannot brainstorm the accouterment in priorities it produces, nor appreciate its rewards — see parenting as an blackballed responsibility. “Young bodies say, ‘Having accouchement is the end of my life.’”

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There are, to be sure, abounding bodies for whom not accepting accouchement is a choice, and growing civic accepting of autonomous childlessness is assuredly a footfall forward, abnormally for women. But the ascent use of assisted changeable technologies in Denmark and abroad (in Finland, for example, the allotment of accouchement built-in via assisted reproduction has about angled in a little added than a decade; in Denmark, it accounts for an estimated one in 10 births) suggests that the aforementioned bodies who see accouchement as a albatross generally arise to appetite them.

Kristine Marie Foss, a networking specialist and accident manager, about absent out on parenthood. A admirable woman with a balmy smile, Ms. Foss, now 50, consistently dreamed of award love, but none of her austere boyfriends lasted. She spent best of her 30s and 40s single; those were additionally the decades in which she formed as an autogenous designer, created several amusing networks (including one for singles, “before it was air-conditioned to be single”), and broadcast and deepened her friendships.

It wasn’t until she was 39 that she accomplished it ability be time to alpha cerebration actively about a family. A accepted appointment to the gynecologist prompted an abrupt revelation: “If I become 50 or 60 and I don’t accept kids, I apperceive I’m activity to abhorrence myself the blow of my life,” said Ms. Foss, now the mother of a 9-year-old and 6-year-old via a agent donor. Ms. Foss has abutting the ranks of what Danes alarm “solomor,” or distinct mothers by choice, a accomplice that has been growing aback 2007, aback the Danish government began accoutrement IVF for distinct women.

There are those who accept consistently approved to lay the accusation for crumbling fertility, in some way, on women — for their alone arrogance in abandonment motherhood, or for their embrace of feminism’s amplification of women’s roles. But the aptitude to analyze activity afterwards accouchement is not belted to women. In Denmark, one out of bristles men will never become a parent, a amount that is agnate in the United States.

Anders Krarup is a 43-year-old software developer active in Copenhagen who afresh rediscovered his adulation of fishing. Best weekends he drives to the Zealand coast, area he communes with the sea trout. Aback he’s not alive at his start-up, he meets accompany for concerts. As for a family, he’s not decidedly interested.

“I’m activity actual agreeable with my activity at the moment,” he told me.

Mads Tolderlund is a acknowledged adviser who works alfresco of Copenhagen. At age 5, he was addled with biking aback he saw an advertisement for Uluru, or Ayers Rock, in Australia. He eventually bound to appointment every abstemious in his lifetime, and today, at 31, has aloof Antarctica to go. In his view, bodies accept accouchement either because they absolutely appetite them, because they abhorrence the after-effects of not accepting them, or because it’s the “normal” thing. None of those affidavit administer to him.

“I accept so abounding added things that I appetite to do,” he said.

Are all these options not absolutely what commercialism promised us? We were told that able with the appropriate schooling, assignment belief and vision, we could accept able success and disposable assets that we could use to become the best interesting, best cultured, best bass versions of ourselves. We abstruse that accomplishing these things — learning, working, creating, traveling — was advantageous and important.

Trent MacNamara, an abettor assistant of history at Texas A&M University, has been absorption animal attitudes against affluence and ancestors for over a decade. Bread-and-butter conditions, he notes, are alone allotment of the picture. What may amount added are “the little moral signals we accelerate anniversary other,” he writes in a accessible essay, signals that are “based on big account about dignity, identity, arete and meaning.” Today, we accept begin altered agency to accomplish meaning, anatomy identities and chronicle to transcendence.

In this context, he said, accepting accouchement may arise to be no added than a “quixotic affairs choice” absent added amusing cues reinforcing the abstraction that parenting connects bodies “to commodity abnormally dignified, advantageous and transcendent.” Those cues are added difficult to apprehension or advance in a civil apple in which a backer appearance — extract, optimize, earn, achieve, abound — prevails. Area addition amount systems exist, however, babies can be plentiful. In the United States, for example, communities of Orthodox and Hasidic Jews, Mormons and Mennonites accept birthrates academy than the civic average.

Lyman Stone, an economist who studies population, credibility to two appearance of avant-garde activity that associate with low fertility: ascent “workism” — a appellation affected by the Atlantic biographer Derek Thompson — and crumbling religiosity. “There is a admiration for meaning-making in humans,” Mr. Stone told me. Afterwards religion, one way bodies seek alien validation is through work, which, aback it becomes a ascendant cultural value, is “inherently affluence reducing.”

Denmark, he notes, is not a crammer culture, but is awful secular. East Asia, area affluence ante are amid the everyman in the world, is generally both. In South Korea, for example, the government has alien tax incentives for bearing and broadcast admission to day care. But “excessive workism” and the chain of acceptable gender roles accept accumulated to accomplish parenting added difficult, and abnormally unappealing for women, who booty on a additional about-face at home.

The aberration amid activity in tiny Denmark, with its acceptable amusing abundance arrangement and its aerial marks for gender equality, and activity in China, area amusing abetment is blotchy and women face aggressive discrimination, is vast. Yet both countries face affluence ante able-bodied beneath backup levels.

If Denmark illustrates the agency that backer ethics of appearance and self-actualization can nonetheless booty basis in a country area its harshest furnishings accept been blunted, China is an archetype of how those aforementioned ethics can acuminate into antagonism so bloodthirsty that parents allege of “winning from the starting line,” that is, accouterment their accouchement with advantages from the ancient accessible age. (One academic told me this can alike beset timing apperception to advice a adolescent in academy admissions.)

After decades of akin best families to aloof one child, the government appear in 2015 that all couples were acceptable to accept two. Despite this, affluence has about budged. China’s affluence amount in 2018 was 1.6.

The Chinese government has continued approved to architect its population, abbreviation abundance in adjustment to advance “quality.” These efforts are added focused on what Susan Greenhalgh, a assistant of Chinese association at Harvard, describes as “cultivating all-around citizens” through education, the agency by which Chinese bodies and the nation as a accomplished can attempt in the all-around economy.

By the 1980s, she said, child-rearing in China had become professionalized, shaped by the pronouncements of education, bloom and adolescent attitude experts. Today, adopting a affection adolescent is not aloof a amount of befitting up with the latest child-rearing advice; it’s a charge to spending whatever it takes.

“These notions of the affection child, the affection person, got bright in the accent of the market,” she said. “It means, ‘What can we buy for the kid? We charge to buy a piano, we charge to buy ball lessons, we charge to buy an American experience.’”

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Talking to adolescent Chinese bodies who accept benefited from their parents’ investments in them, I heard echoes of their Danish peers. For those with the appropriate credentials, the accomplished few decades accept opened up opportunities their parents never imagined, authoritative accepting accouchement attending crushing by comparison.

“I feel like I aloof got out of college, aloof started working,” said Joyce Yuan, a 27-year-old Beijing-based interpreter, whose affairs accommodate earning an M.B.A. alfresco of China. “I still anticipate that I’m at the actual alpha of my life.”

But Ms. Yuan and others were additionally quick to agenda China’s acrid bread-and-butter conditions, a agency that rarely, if ever, came up in Denmark. She cited, for instance, the aerial amount of burghal living. “Everything is cool expensive,” she said, and affection of life, abnormally in big cities, “is acutely low.”

The factors suppressing affluence in China are present throughout the country: In rural areas, area 41 percent of its about 1.4 billion citizens still live, there is little activity for additional children, and policymakers can acutely do alike beneath about it. In Xuanwei Prefecture, afterwards the axial government appear in 2013 that couples in which one apron was an alone adolescent could administer for permission to accept a additional baby, aloof 36 bodies approved such approval in the aboriginal three months — in a arena of about 1.25 actor people. “Local ancestors planning admiral abhorrent bread-and-butter burden on adolescent couples for the low take-up,” the authors of a abstraction on China and affluence wrote.

In burghal settings, the opportunities for apprenticeship and accessory are added abundant, and the faculty of antagonism added intense. But Chinese couples everywhere are acknowledging to the pressures of the country’s hyper-capitalist economy, area ambience a adolescent bottomward the appropriate aisle could beggarly life-changing opportunities, while branch bottomward the amiss one agency crisis and struggle.

As admission to academy has expanded, the amount of a authority is account beneath than it already was. Antagonism for places in top schools has developed added brutal, and the charge to advance heavily in a adolescent from the alpha added imperative. For abounding mothers, alignment the capacity of a child’s education, apparent as the best analytic admission for advance his or her “quality,” has about become a full-time job, said Dr. Greenhalgh.

One Beijing resident, Li Youyou, 33, sees the stratified attributes of reproduction in China arena out aural her own circle. A affluent acquaintance with a high-earning bedmate is accepting her additional adolescent this year. Another, from a bashful background, gave bearing this summer; aback Ms. Li asked her about a second, she said she could about contemplate accouterment for this one. Ms. Li, who teaches English, was planning a appointment to accompany a allowance for the baby. She wondered if she should aloof accord money.

Ms. Li has no near-term affairs for a family. She hopes instead to accompany a doctorate in linguistics, finer in the United States.

“Having a accord is not my antecedence appropriate now,” she said. “I added appetite to focus on my career.”

My own acquaintance as an American has been in some respects Danish, in others Chinese. I am one of the advantageous ones: Thanks to scholarships, and my mother’s amazing sacrifices, I accelerating from academy afterwards debt. Thus unencumbered, I spent best of my 20s alive and belief overseas. Along the way, I got two master’s degrees, and congenital a rewarding, if not abnormally remunerative, career. In my backward 20s, I abstruse about egg freezing. It seemed like a abstruse weapon I could use to avoid off the accommodation of if and aback to accept kids — an absolution, of sorts, for spending these years abroad and not analytic awfully adamantine for a partner.

At 34, I assuredly underwent the procedure. Last year, I did addition round. Anytime aback then, there’s a cardinal I’ve been arena with as I’ve wondered about whether and aback I will use those eggs. According to my back-of-the envelope calculations, I should accept $200,000 adored afore accepting a child.

To be clear, I am absolutely acquainted that bodies far worse off than me accept accouchement all the time. I apperceive that alike the anticipation of a pre-pregnancy accumulation ambition vaults me durably into the branch of tragicomic common absurdity. I am advisedly not adage that if you don’t accept this (or any sum of) money, you should amend children.

Rather, this cardinal is a amalgam — an acceptance of the banking realities of distinct parenthood, but additionally the addition condensate of my anxieties about parenthood in our ambiguous era. To me, it demonstrates that alike with my abounding privileges, it can still feel so risky, and on some canicule impossible, to accompany a adolescent into the world. And from the dozens of conversations I’ve had in advertisement this essay, it’s bright these anxieties are abstraction the choices of abounding others, too.

Where did I get the $200,000 amount from? First, there’s at atomic $40,000 for two circuit of IVF. (That I am advertent this avenue additionally speaks to the obstacles of dating beneath backward commercialism — but that’s a accountable for a altered article.) Bags of dollars in hospital bills for a birth, provided it’s not a complicated one.

As a freelancer, I wouldn’t be acceptable for paid leave, so I’d either charge adolescent affliction (easily $25,000 a year or more) until the adolescent starts prekindergarten, or accept abundant adored to abutment us while I’m not working. I could advertise my flat apartment, but homeownership is a key agency by which parents pay for college, and I am as abashed of accommodated this asset as I am of ablution a adolescent into the job bazaar sans academy apprenticeship credentials. On some days, I acquaint myself I’m actuality amenable by waiting. On added days, I admiration how this all-overs over my present ability army out the approaching I envision.

The point is not absolutely whether $200,000 is reasonable; it is that the actual angle of adhering a dollar amount to an acquaintance as momentous as parenthood is a assurance of how abounding my mind-set has been angled by this arrangement that leaves us anniversary so actual abounding on our own, able to account ourselves of alone what we can pay for.

For decades, bodies with as abounding acceptable affluence as I accept were almost allowed to these anxieties. But abounding of the difficulties that accept continued faced banal women, and abnormally women of color, are trickling up. These women accept formed assorted jobs afterwards adherence or benefits, and aloft accouchement in communities with underfunded schools or berserk water; today, common parents, too, are time-starved, awkward out of acceptable academy districts, and afraid about artificial and pollution.

In the 1990s, atramentous feminists, adverse the altitude above, developed the analytic framework accepted as changeable justice, an admission that goes above changeable rights as they are usually accepted — admission to aborticide and contraceptives — to beset the appropriate to accept accouchement humanely: to “have children, not accept children, and ancestor the accouchement we accept in safe and acceptable communities,” as the aggregate SisterSong put it.

Reproductive amends was not consistently able-bodied accepted or accepted by boilerplate changeable rights groups. (Loretta Ross, one of the founders of the movement, said an aboriginal focus accumulation begin bodies anticipation the appellation referred to gluttonous candor for photocopiers.) But the trickling up of changeable abuse could potentially accord it broader traction. “White America is now activity the furnishings of neoliberalism commercialism that the blow of America has consistently felt,” Ms. Ross said.

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Are we prepared, though, for what it asks of us? Ms. Ross compared changeable amends activism to parenting. “When you parent, you’ve got to assignment on safe bubbler water, and safe schools and a apple-pie bedchamber at the aforementioned time,” she said. “People’s lives are holistic and interconnected. You can’t cull on one cilia afterwards afraid up the accomplished thing.” Apparent in this light, incremental improvements like paid affectionate leave are alone a fractional fix for our accepted crisis, a scattering of crumbs aback our bodies and souls crave a alimentative meal.

The solution, therefore, is not to bulldoze a man like Anders Krarup to put abreast his fishing and procreate, nor to dissuade Li Youyou from advancing her Ph.D. Instead, we charge admit how their decisions booty abode in a broader context, shaped by commutual factors that can be adamantine to discern.

The problem, to be clear, is not absolutely one of “population,” a appellation that aback its ancient use, according to the academic Michelle Murphy, has been a “profoundly objectifying and dehumanizing” way to altercate animal life. Hundreds of bags of babies are built-in on this planet every day; bodies all over the apple accept apparent they are accommodating to drift to wealthier countries for jobs. Rather, the botheration is the quiet animal tragedies, built-in of preventable constraints — an employer’s indifference, a belated realization, a berserk anatomy — that accomplish the capital adolescent impossible.

The crisis in reproduction lurks in the shadows, but is arresting if you attending for it. It shows up anniversary year that birthrates erect a new low. It’s in the assiduous breeze of studies bond infertility and poor bearing outcomes to about every affection of avant-garde activity — fast-food wrappers, air pollution, pesticides. It is the admiring in your friends’ choir as they boring at their aboriginal child, arena in their too-small apartment, and say, “We’d adulation to accept another, but …” It is the affliction that comes from lunging against arete and award it out of reach.

Seen from this perspective, the chat about reproduction can and should booty on some of the coercion of the altitude change debate. We are acquainted nature’s majesty too late, affectionate its character and irreplaceability alone as we watch it burn.

“I see a lot of parallels amid this angled point that bodies feel in their affectionate lives, about the catechism of reproduction beneath capitalism, additionally arena out in broader existential conversations about the fate of the planet beneath capitalism,” said Sara Matthiesen, a historian at George Washington University whose accessible book examines family-making in the post-Roe v. Wade era. “It seems like added and added bodies are actuality apprenticed to this abode of, ‘O.K., this arrangement of amount is actually activity to annihilate us.’”

Conversations about reproduction and ecology sustainability accept continued overlapped. Thomas Malthus afraid that citizenry advance would outstrip the aliment supply. The 1970s saw the actualization of ecofeminism. Aback the 1990s, changeable amends groups accept approved a bigger planet for all children. Today’s BirthStrikers abjure coition “due to the severity of the ecological crisis.”

While altitude accident has active elements of the insidious address of citizenry control, it has additionally prompted a new beachcomber of activism, built-in of an compassionate of aloof how acutely these basal apparatus of activity — reproduction and the bloom of the planet — are linked, and the aggregate activity that is appropriate to sustain them.

The aboriginal footfall is accommodated the appearance acclaimed by commercialism and acquainted the alternation that is capital for abiding survival. We depend on our baptize accumulation to be clean, and our rivers depend on us not to adulteration them. We ask our neighbors to watch our dogs or baptize our plants while we’re away, and action our advice in kind. We appoint strangers to attending afterwards our accouchement or crumbling parents, and assurance in their benevolence and competence. We pay taxes and achievement those we accept absorb that money to accumulate anchorage safe, schools open, and civic parks protected.

These relationships, amid us and the accustomed world, and us and one another, affirm to the alternation that backer argumentation would accept us disavow.

Reproduction is the ultimate nod to interdependence. We depend on at atomic two bodies to accomplish us possible. We gestate central addition human, and appear with the advice of doctors or doulas or kin. We abound up in environments and communities that appearance our health, assurance and values. We charge acquisition accurate agency to admit this alternation and boldness to strengthen it.

One of the bodies aloft whom my actuality depends, my father, died of a affection advance aback I was 7. At some point, I started cutting his watch, a admirable gold affair that would accelerate up and bottomward my wrist, abundant with sentiment. This year, on a assignment trip, I sat bottomward in a auberge antechamber to get some autograph done. I took the watch off to type, alone to apprehend on a bus activity home that I’d larboard it at the hotel. Hours of analytic the antechamber and bawl to the auberge agents bootless to accompany it back.

Later that evening, autograph in a journal, I consoled myself by advertisement some of the things he had larboard me that I couldn’t lose if I tried: the large-ish nose, the faculty of humor, the shrimpy ability that concise both his basketball career and mine.

In that moment, I accepted why I had arctic my eggs. Intellectually, I am skeptical, alike critical, of the inherent narcissism of attention one’s own abiogenetic actual aback there are already so abounding accouchement afterwards parents. Alike as I was activity through with it, injecting drugs into my belly anniversary night until it came to resemble a bound board, I struggled to bright why, at atomic in a way that fabricated faculty to me.

But as I reflected on the immaterial ability I like to anticipate I affiliated from him, it became bright I craved abiogenetic continuity, about apocryphal and aerial it ability be. I accustomed afresh commodity adored and baffling in this yearning, and glimpsed how adverse it ability be to be clumsy to apprehend it. For the aboriginal time, I acquainted justified in my actuation to bottle some little allotment of me that, in some way, independent a little allotment of him, which one day ability alive again.

Anna Louie Sussman is a announcer who writes on gender, reproduction, and economics. This commodity was produced in affiliation with the Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting.

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