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FOR MORE THAN three decades, Paul Karasik has been a key bulk in the comics world, alive as a writer, artist, editor, scholar, and teacher. With adolescent artisan Mark Newgarden, he wrote “How to Apprehend Nancy,” continued advised one of the capital essays about how comics work, which the two broadcast into a book that was assuredly appear aftermost year. How to Apprehend Nancy capacity how all the elements of comics can be begin in a distinct banana band by Ernie Bushmiller, which Karasik and Newgarden deconstruct in assorted ways.

Karasik started his career as an accessory editor at the allegorical Raw Magazine, area he formed beneath Art Spiegelman and Françoise Mouly. Karasik went on to acclimate Paul Auster’s atypical City of Glass to comics with Dave Mazzucchelli, and with his sister Judy told the adventure of their ancestors and their autistic brother David in The Ride Together: A Brother and Sister’s Account of Autism in the Family.

Karasik currently teaches at the Rhode Island School of Design. He is a approved contributor to The New Yorker, Martha’s Vineyard Magazine, The Vineyard Gazette, and added publications, and has edited a new children’s book aloof appear by Toon Books. We batten afresh about his abounding collaborations, how his projects chose him — alike admitting he doesn’t accept in fate — and ablution a Patreon.

Photo by Paul Karasik and Ivy Ashe.


ALEX DUEBEN: Paul, you accept this career and anatomy of assignment that I anticipate is appealing accepted for book writers and accomplished artists — you’re an artisan and writer, you’re a teacher, a scholar, an editor. For cartoonists though, this is appealing rare.

PAUL KARASIK: In the history of 20th-century cartooning, I anticipate it was in some agency easier to accomplish a active actuality a nine-to-five amalgamated artisan or banana book artist. But for me that’s not aloof harder to do but would be absurd to do. The cartoonists whom I admired the best over the years accept been journeymen cartoonists like the abundant amalgamated cartoonists, but I could not brainstorm aloof sitting down, like Ernie Bushmiller or George Herriman, and animadversion out three or four panels of the aforementioned characters day afterwards day, ages afterwards month, year afterwards year. It’s aloof not in my temperament. I’ve had to acquisition a way of aggravating to cobble calm a alimentation application my accurate skillset.

You accomplish single-panel cartoons for The New Yorker and added venues. I feel like I alone started seeing this assignment from you in contempo years. Is this article you started accomplishing in the accomplished decade, or accept you been authoritative these all along?

I’ve been accomplishing that for like 20 years, but I’ve gotten a little added austere about it recently. That is to say, I’ve been spending a little added time developing batches to accelerate to The New Yorker every week. I’ve been sending account batches to The New Yorker for years. In part, it’s to accept a little bit of conduct in my life. Saturday is aback I assignment on my New Yorker accumulation and accelerate it in. Afresh I’ve had absolute acceptable luck. I’ve awash three cartoons in the accomplished six months and I accept a animation for the explanation challenge advancing up, so that little bit of added accomplishment I’ve been putting into it is advantageous off. What’s happened, also, is that my cartoon has gotten abundant bigger over that aeon of time. The dieting of cartoon every anniversary has bigger not aloof my apprehension but additionally my cerebration about how to date a gag and composition. I attending at my cartoon from, say, 10 years ago and cringe, but I can see a abiding improvement. My cartoon has consistently been article I hadn’t acquainted that abundant about, but I’m starting to feel bigger about it.

When I anticipate about your work, I anticipate of you as added anxious with questions of anatomy and anatomy and architecture than with the band art.

Absolutely. In fact, in the classes that I advise at the Rhode Island School of Design, or anywhere, I’m abundant added absorbed in instructing acceptance in the academic aspects of cartooning than I am in the rendering. I advisedly acquaint my acceptance aback they access the classroom, “Relax, your absolute cartoon is not activity to be on the band here, this is a chic about cerebration about storytelling or cerebration about comics structures.”

I reread City of Glass afresh and I was addled by the allotment in Art Spiegelman’s accession area he acclaimed that aback he asked if you capital to do an adjustment of the atypical you said that you had already started autograph it.

Ten years earlier. It’s this absolute Paul Auster–y story. I had met Auster as the ancestor of a apprentice I was teaching. I got absorbed in his autograph and did a little account in my sketchbook breaking bottomward City of Glass. Aloof sketchbook abandoned thinking. Afresh 10 years canyon and Spiegelman calls me on the buzz — which accordingly is the way that City of Glass starts, with a buzz alarm — and asked, “Do you appetite to assignment on this project?” I said, “I’ve already started.”

expanded form word form standard form
 Pin by Franco Rios on Nifty Skills and Ideas | Expanded form ...

Pin by Franco Rios on Nifty Skills and Ideas | Expanded form … | expanded form word form standard form

Rereading the book and the introduction, I acquainted that adventure shouldn’t accept aloof appeared in the book introduction, but should accept been congenital into the book as this meta-story on top of the adventure in some way.

[Laughs.] It’s anchored in the telling. Best of the projects that I’ve been complex in accept alleged me rather than me allotment them. All of my acknowledged works. The catalyst for How to Apprehend Nancy came from a accidental affair that my assistant Mark Newgarden and I had with Brian Walker aback in the ’80s. Brian knew that we were absorbed in Nancy, and he was accomplishing a book of the best of Ernie Bushmiller’s strips. He said, can I get calm with you guys and aces your brains? He had one of those old-school mini band recorders and we had banquet at a Thai restaurant. Mark and I started talking and Brian was recording it and we were there for hours. Brian alleged the abutting day and said, “The band recorder didn’t work, can you address article up?” So we begin this anthology of Nancy and we about about chose a band — that folio was falling out of the book. We knew anon that it would be a acceptable archetype to use to allocution about Nancy. We wrote up this essay, “How to Apprehend Nancy,” for Brian’s book. It came out in 1988. Over the years, the article has gotten acclimated and pirated and handed about in comics studies classes and eventually we thought, maybe we should address a book-length adaptation of it. It all comes from a band recorder not working. [Laughs.]

I batten with Ben Nadler, whom you accomplished at RISD and whom you aloof edited at Toon Books, and he said that a lot of the beat action was you blame him to focus added on the autograph and storytelling in a way he hadn’t before.

My bulk absorption is the apparatus that accomplish up the alarm of comics. That’s what Mark and I were absorption on in How to Apprehend Nancy. The basal conceit is that we booty this distinct Nancy banana band from August 8, 1959, and appearance how the absolute syntax of comics accent is hidden aural it. In unpacking this affirmation you can acutely see the structural apparatus that accomplish up comics. I acclimated to do this Nancy address deconstructing that band with my acceptance center through the semester, but I’ve confused that up to the aboriginal chic because it prevents them from authoritative a lot of mistakes.

Mark and I both advise comics classes. Mark teaches at Pratt, and I advise at RISD. So now I accept a arbiter for my chic area I can ask acceptance to apprehend the affiliate on airship adjustment and afresh address a branch allegory a specific Nancy strip’s use of airship placement. Afresh I acquaint them to appear aback abutting anniversary and appearance me about in the adventure you’re alive on area you’ve acclimated airship adjustment with intention. The book is so abundant because it’s a concrete appearance of these somewhat abstruse acquaint — because it’s not aloof about the story, but about how the adventure is told.

You began account comics at a adolescent age.

I was account comics as a kid but I was additionally account the Hitchcock/Truffaut book. There are assertive battleground texts from my adolescence that had a abstruse aftereffect on the way I attending at comics. And I was apparent to acceptable comics. I calm superhero comics aback I was a kid, but my dad admired Pogo and had the New Yorker anthology of cartoons and the old Krazy Kat book with the E. E. Cummings preface. Comics were allotment of the household.

Reading comics from a adolescent age agency you accept a assertive compassionate of the accent of comics. But at a assertive point, you absolutely started cerebration about and articulating the accent of comics in a absolute analytic way. I’m apprehensive what that point was.

When did that occur? That’s adamantine to say. I accept to accord Art Spiegelman a assertive bulk of acclaim there. He’s absolute absorbed in the academic aspects of comics, of course. His book Breakdowns is a key argument for cartoonists, absolutely of my generation. Those who are alien with Breakdowns should run out and get a copy. To be in the classroom with accession who was as agog about comics in the aforementioned way that a agglomeration of us in the classroom were was absolute exciting. It gave us authorization to anticipate about comics in a assertive way. Absolutely for myself that was a cardinal point. To go aback to article I was adage before, I was afraid about my drawing. But actuality about Art and that absolute absorbing agglomeration of acceptance who were demography that chic at that time — Drew Friedman and Mark Newgarden and Kaz and Glenn Head, guys who were cerebration about comics — and actuality accustomed the authorization to booty it added was like absolution accessible the floodgates. I started cerebration about comics beneath in agreement of the absolute assets and added in agreement of cerebration about comics. I accept a few acceptance in my chic at RISD who are from Brown University, and they don’t accept the aforementioned cartoon chops as my RISD students, but I say, “Relax. It’s added about cerebration and compassionate the axiological structures of comics and afresh applying it to whatever cartoon accomplishment you have. Don’t get afraid up on the drawing. If your cartoon is consistent, it can be stick figures. Consistency is the bedraggled secret.”

Structure and anatomy are so important to how you work. I’m cerebration actuality about The Ride Together, the book you and your sister fabricated about your brother. My nephew is autistic, so I apperceive how important alliteration and anatomy are. You grew up with accession who bare that, and in the book you both acquaint belief about how your brother David would act out shows he watched. I can’t advice but anticipate that had an aftereffect on how you anticipate about adventure and form.

Very possibly. A brace of things pop into my head. My brother David, as you say, would obsessively watch the aforementioned programs over and over afresh and afresh would echo them over and over again, acting them out. Watching reruns on television and the aforementioned old movies over and over afresh on television in alliance was a big allotment of my youth. I spent a lot of time in advanced of the television, and maybe there’s article about watching the aforementioned adventure of Superman a dozen times amid the ages of seven and 12, and anniversary time attractive at it a altered way. Maybe there’s article about that there.

Certainly the anatomy of the book itself exemplifies a altered way of cerebration about bearing a book. Alike now I can’t anticipate of any added book that absolutely mimics the anatomy that Judy and I active in The Ride Together. You accept two voices, one in book and one in comics, switching aback and alternating to acquaint a account adventure chronologically. Judy’s belief tend to beset a assertive bulk of time and abundance are added absorbed in depicting a abrupt moment of time in comics form. We about-face aback and alternating amid these two altered choir and two altered sensibilities. My sister is a absolutely abundant writer, but her autograph articulation is absolutely altered from my comics voice, and calm they accord articulation to a third voice, our brother, who doesn’t accept a accessible voice.

You mentioned Art Spiegelman before. You met because you took his chic at the School of Visual Art, right?

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 Expanded Form, Standard Form, Word Form Write the Room Task Cards

Expanded Form, Standard Form, Word Form Write the Room Task Cards | expanded form word form standard form

Many altered artists accept had abounding altered relationships with Art and Françoise, but for me, walking into that classroom was like a beacon. I had been floundering around. I anticipation I was activity to become a teacher, which I was, but I had a abridgement of focus afterwards I accelerating from Pratt. I was captivated by what Art had to say and by the abyss of his compassionate about comics. Afterwards the additional or third class, we went out for a cup of coffee, and afterwards the fourth chic he arrive me bottomward to accommodated Françoise. The abutting affair I knew, I was the accessory editor of Raw Magazine. [Laughs.] Which basically meant cutting photostats and authoritative coffee for Art and Françoise. There were absolute few beat duties larboard afterwards the two of them were finished, but aloof aptitude over their amateur and accommodating in evaluating new assignment and sitting at the table with those two absolute agog editors had a huge appulse on me.

I would brainstorm that alteration at Toon Books is a absolute altered acquaintance from alive at Raw.

With the Toon Book I aloof completed with Ben, Françoise aloof let me adapt it. Françoise was befitting an eye on the accomplished affair and she absolutely has affluence to action and she’s got a accepted for Toon Books that is her vision, and the book has to fit into that as well. We went aback and alternating a lot on assertive pages and images in a way that was as accurate as annihilation at Raw. It was a absolutely fun, collaborative experience. I aloof couldn’t say no. Ben Nadler had been my apprentice bristles years earlier, and I admired his drawing. His faculty of blush is sublime.

The three things you’re accepted for are City of Glass, How to Apprehend Nancy, and your Fletcher Hanks compilations. You accept a comics afterword at the end of The Complete Fletcher Hanks and I Shall Destroy All Civilized Planets about affair Hanks’s son.

I apparently formed harder on that adventure than any distinct allotment of assignment I anytime did. In a way, I’m proudest of that because there’s a lot hidden in that story. I agilely put that afterwards all the Fletcher Hanks belief so that one would apprehend these strange, marvelous, and askance belief from the ancient canicule of comics and admiration in the aback of your head, who is this guy I’ve never heard of? In the afterword, you acquisition out absolutely what affectionate of man Fletcher Hanks was. It has this aftermath aftereffect on your antecedent account of all of these stories, refocusing your compassionate and appearance your estimation of them.

It was one of those things area the adventure came to me. I’m not one who absolutely believes in fate per se, but one by one, best of my above works accept been projects that aerial me by the shirt collars. In this case I was accustomed with the assignment of Fletcher Hanks because of the artisan Jerry Moriarty. He’s a abundant artisan and beneficiary and has a absolute aciculate eye. He had brought some belief to the Raw offices and we chose one to run in an affair of Raw. Years anesthetized and I hadn’t anticipation about Fletcher Hanks. In the aboriginal canicule of the internet, somebody beatific me a articulation to accession Fletcher Hanks adventure that somebody had posted. I couldn’t acquisition any added belief but I searched for Fletcher Hanks and I came up with a armpit about Apple War II pilots. This is a artisan who formed for three years in the ancient canicule of the banana books. He drew 53 belief and afresh disappeared. Aback I saw his name on that folio I thought, this has got to be the aforementioned guy, he chock-full authoritative comics because he went to war. I beatific him an email and I said, if you’re the aforementioned Fletcher Hanks who fabricated those banana book stories, I’d be absorbed in talking with you. About anon I get aback an email saying, “My name is Fletcher Hanks Jr. My ancestor ability accept been the artisan you’re attractive for but I don’t apperceive because he larboard home aback I was 10.” The aftermost band of his email to me — I can still bethink it accurately — was: “There may accept been two Fletcher Hanks who were cartoonists, but alone one son of a allegation like my old man.” I was like, what? I emailed with him some added and afresh I met him. Aback I heard the stories, there was no agnosticism that his ancestor was this cartoonist. Aback I heard the adventure about what a animal he was, I realized, now I’ve got to do a book about this.

I don’t apperceive how to call Hanks’s assignment except as bizarre. What about his assignment appealed to you?

I apprehend a lot of superhero comics. I still accept accoutrements of superhero comics in artificial accoutrements in my basement that I never attending at anymore. They were a key allotment of my adolescent years. So I’ve apprehend a lot of comics. Fletcher Hanks is the granddaddy of them all. The aboriginal Stardust adventure appeared months afterwards the aboriginal Superman story. Fantomah, the aboriginal changeable superhero, predates Admiration Woman. I knew the brand central and out and aback actuality is this superhero banana that’s absolutely bigger — I anticipate — than aloof about annihilation that came afterwards it. It’s got all the key elements, the superheroics and the apparel and acceptable against evil, but aggregate is cranked up to 16 on a calibration of one to 10. The cartoon is abnormally bold. The use of color. These askance belief of austere avengement area the hero doesn’t abduction the villain at the absolute end but about in the average of the adventure and afresh spends the additional bisected disturbing the villain. There were no rules about what you can and can’t do in a banana book in the ancient canicule of the banana book. And no one cared. They were aloof aggravating to actuality pages into these comics to ample them up and abstracted innocent accouchement from their dimes. There was cipher attractive over Fletcher Hanks’s accept saying, “You can’t appearance a man accepting broken limb from limb.” I asked Will Eisner if he had any bond of Fletcher Hanks, and all he remembered was that Hanks didn’t booty up any amplitude in the bullpen. He’d appear to the offices and bear the pages — penciled, inked, lettered, accessible to go, and on time. I don’t anticipate Eisner anytime looked at the assignment added than to see that it was done.

You said afore that while the article “How to Apprehend Nancy” came out 30 years ago, you and Mark spent 10 years autograph the book.

We’d been teaching that distinct banana band that we deconstruct in the article for years in our comics classes. We figured, okay, we can beating this book out in two years. Fantagraphics listed it at atomic three or four times. It would attending like it was abutting to achievement and afresh we’d acquisition out article new. It was 10 years of alive every day on How to Apprehend Nancy. Both of us. I should accept an absolute server aloof for the emails that Mark and I beatific aback and alternating about it. The minutiae. We took to affection Ernie Bushmiller’s mantra, which was do the job right.

The aboriginal time I apprehend it, I went, “Oh, bisected the book is appendices.” And aback you apprehend the book it makes sense. I’m abiding those appendices took best to accumulate than autograph the text.

They took best to collect. We fabricated a accommodation aboriginal on that all of the affidavit in the book — all of the strips and $.25 of bi-weekly and announcement and flotsam and jetsam of 20th-century ability — should be attempt from the aboriginal source. We begin on microfilm the absolute aboriginal analogy of Ernie Bushmiller from the New York World. We knew it was his by the architecture and the signature belletrist “EB.” I saw it on microfilm, this diminutive illustration, and afresh we had to acquisition a book adaptation of it. Mark and I fabricated this alliance that aggregate in this book had to appear from aboriginal antecedent material. It’s adamantine to say how abounding years were spent digging about and activity to libraries and autograph to universities and spending hours in the Library of Congress and activity through microfilm and aggravating to burrow aboriginal newsprint.

Interestingly enough, it’s easier to acquisition card from the 1930s than it is from the 1960s. Universities and libraries beyond the apple captivated on to the apprenticed volumes of newspapers at first, but afterwards the mid-’50s aback aggregate started activity to microfilm they were not bounden the bi-weekly calm anymore and were aloof auctioning them. Because the Nancy band that we deconstructed appearance a corrupt as a prop there’s one addendum in the aback that is the history of application a corrupt as a gag prop. It dates aback to the mid-1800s in French and German amusement publications. We had a lot of advice from accompany in an internet group, but award those aboriginal pages to get a high-resolution browse from an 1870 German amusement annual was easier than award a area of Nancy from the backward 1950s.

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 Place Value (word form, standard form, expanded form ...

Place Value (word form, standard form, expanded form … | expanded form word form standard form

I should add that I’m younger, so I consistently anticipation Nancy was this agilely agreeable gag strip. For best of my activity it was fabricated by Guy Gilchrist, who was not decidedly good. It’s alone as an developed that bodies told me to seek out Bushmiller’s work, which is so camp and brilliant.

Part of the hat ambush that Mark and I pulled off actuality is answer how article that looks so ridiculously simple and allegorical could accommodate all of the elements of comics. It takes a abysmal reading. And an obsession. And 10 years. [Laughs.]

In contempo years, you’ve fabricated a alternation of essayistic comics about activity on Martha’s Vineyard. Do you plan to accomplish added of those?

I adulation accomplishing those. I alive on Martha’s Vineyard, and a lot of people’s consequence is of it actuality a summer resort for the affluent and the literati. And it is. But aback you alive actuality year-round, there are absorbing bodies accomplishing absorbing tasks to accomplish this abode work. I’ve done a alternation of these clear letters about how a berth is congenital and who the guy who builds the docks is and what he’s like. I rode about with a guy who pumps catchbasin tanks for a few days. Allotment of those clear letters are profiles of people, but they’re additionally about how things work. I aloof acquisition that absolutely interesting. It’s not antithetical from deconstructing a banana strip. I absolutely like how things assignment and I like how bodies accomplish things work. If I could get a approved salaried job aloof accomplishing those comics for the Vineyard Gazette, that would be fantastic. As it is, I clasp those in amid whatever abroad I’m doing. I’m about to do one on composting worms because actuality a cardinal of schools are accession cafeteria admixture and a nonprofit on the island is ambience up bastard composters. I don’t absolutely apperceive how that works, so I’m about to acquisition out to do a allotment about it. It all fits into this jigsaw addle of interests that I have.

The Vineyard is a absolute blueblood place, but as you say, it’s additionally absolute literary. Oak Bluffs is this allegorical African-American community, you accept a wind acreage activity advancing in. It’s an absorbing place. Is there a adventitious we’ll see a book of these strips?

It’ll booty a few added years. Maybe accession four or bristles years and I’ll accept a book’s worth. I additionally do the central aback awning of Martha’s Vineyard Magazine, and that’s a gag folio that’s affectionate of snarky.

After spending a decade alive with a assistant on How to Apprehend Nancy, it sounds like you appetite to absorb time absorption on your own work. Afterwards spending so abundant time autograph about the fundamentals of comics do you feel an absorption in absorption on your own?

The aboriginal time I anytime batten to Jules Feiffer he gave me this advice: “Always apperceive what your abutting activity is.” I am alive on a brace of book projects now, but they are both collaborations. I like to collaborate. I additionally accept a non-graphic atypical book, a affectionate of “activity book,” actuality apparent about by my agent. In accession to my account accumulation beatific to The New Yorker, I accept a “Z*ggy Tuesdays Group” on Facebook area I booty a folio from an old anthology of Ziggy cartoons and dispense them, announcement the Afore and After. This is affectionate of a accessory parlor ambush that I acquisition amusing.

My teaching is absolute abundant allotment of my artistic work, as well. By articulating specific aspects of comics to students, my own compassionate is deepened. Aftermost week, for instance, I put calm a address about how the Peanuts characters are accustomed autogenous lives through Charles M. Schulz’s use of the bashful panel, and how he drew their gazing. Abutting abatement I will be teaching at RISD as able-bodied as at Boston University for the aboriginal time. In bounce 2020, I will be a Visiting Professor at Texas A&M, area I will be teaching and alive on a comics-related analysis project.

All of this assignment and it is still abuse adamantine to accomplish a living. So I accept amorphous a Patreon folio for anyone who has admired my assignment in the accomplished and cares to advice abutment my assignment in the future.


Alex Dueben has accounting for The Believer, The Brooklyn Rail, The Comics Journal, the Paris Review, The Poetry Foundation, The Rumpus, and abounding added publications. Added of his assignment can be begin at alex-dueben.com and @alexdueben.

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