Resignation Letter Of Barangay Kagawad Reasons Why Resignation Letter Of Barangay Kagawad Is Getting More Popular In The Past Decade

CANADIAN CONNECTION The “healing priest” Fr. Fernando Suarez (left) with Fr. Jeffrey Mark Shannon, the Canadian adjudicator of the Mary of the Poor Foundation of the Philippines, which Suarez accustomed afterwards abrogation his religious adjustment in Canada in 2008. —PHOTO FROM MARYMOTHEROFTHEPOOR.ORG

resignation letter of barangay kagawad
 LEGISLATIVE DOCUMENTATION - resignation letter of barangay kagawad

LEGISLATIVE DOCUMENTATION – resignation letter of barangay kagawad | resignation letter of barangay kagawad

resignation letter of barangay kagawad
 Sample Resignation Letter Barangay Kagawad - New Sample v - resignation letter of barangay kagawad

Sample Resignation Letter Barangay Kagawad – New Sample v – resignation letter of barangay kagawad | resignation letter of barangay kagawad

MANILA, Philippines — Two weeks afore he died of a massive affection attack, the “healing priest” Fr. Fernando Suarez tagged a “fraternity of bishops” as those abaft the animal delinquency case that hounded him for bristles years until he was austere in January by a Vatican anatomy that investigates grave offenses of clergymen.

The aggravation has stopped, “thank God,” Suarez said in an account on Jan. 18, breadth he handed this anchorman photocopied affirmation accompanying to his declared agitation of Joel Domingo and Freddie Villono Jr. in a abbey in San Jose, Mindoro Occidental, on March 10, 2014.

The two men eventually recanted, adage an ex-seminarian declared Eric Cruz was abaft the charge.

That his accusers were able to biking to Manila for a chat with a baronial Philippine Abbey official meant that those abaft the artifact were backed by bodies with abounding resources, said retired Abbey Antonio Palang, Suarez’s administrator.

‘ADVISED TO PREMATURELY RETIRE’ Former San Jose, Mindoro, Abbey Antonio Palang says “there absolutely was no proof’’ to abutment the animal aggravation allegations adjoin Fr. Fernando Suarez. —RICHARD A. REYES

Among the affirmation are notarized affidavits and belletrist active by Palang as abbey apostolic of San Jose at the time of the declared crime.

There are additionally accounting testimonies of assemblage to Church-appointed investigators, correspondences amid Suarez and these investigators, as able-bodied as copies of assertive decrees accustomed to Suarez by Palang in March 2011 and by again Abbey Wilfredo Manlapaz of Tagum, Davao del Norte, in February 2017.

The decrees accustomed Suarez to administrate the Holy Sacraments in their dioceses.

A additional account with the Inquirer had been appointed afterwards the 11th National Priests’ Tennis Championship on Feb. 4 at the Alabang Country Club, breadth Suarez aback burst while arena his third singles set. He was already above en avenue to Asian Hospital, according to his agent Deedee Siytangco.

Suarez would accept angry 53 on Feb. 7.

Siytangco set the Jan. 18 account anon afterwards the Vatican’s Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith (CDF), to which Suarez’s delinquency case was referred by Philippine Abbey authorities, ordered the arising of a decree pronouncing him “not guilty” of the charge.

The CDF order, in effect, echoed the votum or approval anachronous Oct. 10, 2014, accustomed to Suarez by Palang as his bishopprotector.

Palang issued the votum afterwards an analysis ordered by the baronial official who batten with the accusers. But Suarez was still barred from adulatory Mass and administering the sacraments in the dioceses of Cubao, Lingayen-Dagupan, Malolos and Malaybalay.

A priest may bless Mass in a altered breadth if acceptable by its bishop.

Suarez acquired acceptance in 2008 aback he larboard his religious adjustment in Canada and founded the Mary Mother of the Poor (MMP) Foundation in the Philippines.

Per reports, the affectionate that aggregate at his Masses included such affluent assemblage as Sen. Manny Pacquiao and businessmen Danding and Tonyboy Cojuangco and Greggy Araneta.

Church eyebrows rose aback Suarez began architecture of a healing centermost on a 5-hectare acreage in Batangas. Eventually, San Miguel Corp. donated a 33-hectare acreage in Amuyong, Alfonso, Cavite, to MMP in 2010. With it came a plan to body a 33-story bronze of Mary Mother of the Poor.

resignation letter of barangay kagawad
 Sample Resignation Letter Barangay Kagawad - New Sample v - resignation letter of barangay kagawad

Sample Resignation Letter Barangay Kagawad – New Sample v – resignation letter of barangay kagawad | resignation letter of barangay kagawad

Suarez said misunderstandings afterwards arose amid the foundation and bounded officials. Abbey leaders abstruse of thematter and ordered him to “close the foundation,” he said.

“That’s aback the agitation began,” Suarez said. “I wasn’t a lath member. Abbey admiral capital me to focus on healing, but I appropriate that afore the foundation is closed, I appetite to accept a acknowledged appointment with attorneys because the foundation had acquired several backdrop and there ability be repercussions.”

There were additionally questions about what to do with the abbey that was congenital and breadth the donations would go shouldthe foundation abutting down.

Stories about his affairs anon circulated. Suarez told the Inquirer that he had about 100 actor in banknote from supporters worldwide. “That’s aloof the cash, the absolute acreage is not counted,” he said.

Suarez eventually relocated MMP to Mindoro Occidental. Palang enlisted him into the Apostolic Vicariate of San Jose on March 25, 2011, afterwards acquainted his admiration to accompany “the foundation of a new association declared Missionaries of Mary Mother of the Poor (MMMP).”

The MMMP moderator, Fr. Jeffrey Mark Shannon, said altercation connected to basset Suarez afterwards his move to Mindoro Occidental.

“Father Suarez had been followed by a austere able accumulation of detractors basic from aural the PhilippineChurch who accept been anxious of his acceptance and the army he is able to gather. They accept been maliciously aggravating to stop his admiral for the aftermost 10 years,” Shannon, a Canadian, said in a account on April 12, 2019, in acknowledgment to a check beatific by a administrative vicar.

The vicar, additionally a baronial Abbey official, opened an analysis into Suarez’s animal delinquency case admitting Palang’s2014 votum, which allegedly advancing a ambiguous bearings like this.

Normal action requires that complaints involving a priest “be accustomed aboriginal afore the Abbey [who has] abounding administration of the breadth area … the act [supposedly] occurred,” Palang said. But Suarez and his supporters doubtable that his accusers were aboriginal brought to the Manila-based baronial Abbey official and assisted in gluttonous an audience.

In his votum, Palang said his absorption should aboriginal accept been declared so he could investigate Suarez, who was beneath his administration at the time of the declared crime.

Palang additionally acclaimed that the allegation adjoin Suarez was declared alone in a letter, not a badge report. “The abridgement of affirmation and affidavits … and actuality of the signatures of the complainants leaves me agnostic …” he wrote. “It is additionally cryptic why these individuals accept not alike arise the declared incidents to the allowable authorities.”

Palang afterwards arise in an affirmation active in 2016 that one Bro. Bonifacio Mosca from Suarez’s Mary Mother of the Poor Charitable Organization accepted that it was he who had confused Domingo.

Barangay Captain Sotero Enano of Ilin Able mentioned Mosca in a account anachronous April 12, 2019, and addressed to the administrative abbey who had formulated the questionnaire.

Among the vicar’s questions addressed to Suarez “and added witnesses” were: “Does Fr. Suarez appearance homosexual tendencies? How does he appearance this tendency?” and “When accomplishing healing, bodies apprehension Fr. Suarez actuality touchy, alike all-embracing men in particular. Do you apprehension that too? Does he do that additionally with women?”

Other questions complex the “authenticity” of Suarez’s healing ministry, lifestyle, and properties. One dealt withwhat assemblage “honestly anticipate about” the animal delinquency allegation adjoin Suarez.

Witness Enano focused on Mosca, alleging it was he who “always gives [Domingo] bracelets, lotions, corpuscle phones and the like. Again Mosca connived with [ex-seminarian] Cruz who afterwards bogus the lies adjoin Fr. Suarez.”

In his recantation, Domingo claimed that Cruz had accomplished him and promised to “provide for my apprenticeship and to advice my family” if he cooperated in pinning bottomward Suarez.

Villono, the added accuser, additionally declared the ex-seminarian whom he declared in his own atonement as “the man abaft all the lies” adjoin Suarez.

Suarez quoted portions of their notarized recantations in similarly-worded five-page belletrist he beatific to two prefects ofthe Vatican’s Congregation of the Clergy—Beniamino Cardinal Stella and Fernando Cardinal Filoni—dated March 19, 2018.

Another ex-seminarian, Darius Amansec, was declared in addition Suarez letter as Cruz’s conspirator. In an eight-page letter anachronous Nov. 21, 2019 beatific to “The Cardinal Prefect” of the Vatican’s CDF, Suarez said the two ex-seminarians were the ones who brought his accusers to see the baronial abbey official in Manila.

Suarez declared the ex-seminarians as “disgruntled seekers into my congregation” in his letter. The two ex-seminarians are said to be overseas.

Villono said Cruz brought him and Domingo to Manila breadth they talked about the adventure to the high-rankingChurch official that Palang declared in his votum. The chat took abode in Intramuros.

“I aria [to the Abbey official] for I feared that I wouldn’t be able to go home from Intramuros,” Villono said.

He said Cruz had additionally promised to accelerate him to academy but instead brought him to Pampanga breadth he served asa calm in Cruz’s abode for two months.

In his affidavit, Palang cited the affidavit of a Sister Marieta Calderon who said Suarez accustomed at the boondocks breadth the abomination allegedly happened alone two canicule after, or on March 12, 2014.

Her affidavit was corroborated by a Bro. Ronnie T. Talaver who said Suarez was absolutely in San Jose, not Ilin, on the day of the declared crime.

Palang abdicate as abbey in February 2018, advertence in his abandonment letter that he was “advised to anon retire… for the acceptable of the Vicariate” admitting accepting “a acceptable four years to the end of my term.”

The letter, blue-blooded “The Accuracy Abaft My Resignation” and addressed to “[a]ll Bishops, Consecrated Religious, and Priests,” mentioned Suarez’s case.

Palang recalled that an apostolic appearance to his vicariate in Mindoro Occidental by a third baronial abbey official had Suarez and added allegedly aberrant priests on the agenda.

He said the official listened to his address allowance Suarez but still “came to the accommodation that it would be able to append Fr. Suarez from agreeable in accessible ministry.”

“I acquainted I was actuality pressured, alike afraid to chase the words of [this official]. In animosity of the abridgement of substantiation, Icould not accept how abeyance of the acceptable priest was accounted proper,” he said.

Suarez’s affirmation additionally showed how a fourth baronial Abbey official, who put the words “Instructor Delegate” underhis signature in belletrist beatific to the priest, aloft the agitation case in 2017 and abreast Suarez that the case was “submitted to the able Vatican Congregation for the closing resolution thereof in accordance with the pertinent adorning process.”

This official’s belletrist did not accede Palang’s votum and instead gave Suarez two options: “to seek favor of Dispensation from Clerical Obligations or to be imposed with the amends of Dismissal from the Clerical State.”

Suarez’s acknowledgment to one of the Instructor Delegate’s belletrist said he was “unaware of any case actuality candy adjoin me.” Insisting on his innocence, he additionally offered to “talk to you, Your Excellency, should you appetite to apprehend myside personally.”

But the official beatific addition letter to Suarez, this time allegorical him that his case “is now ability preliminaryprocedural instruction” by the CDF.

In the aftermost paragraph, the official wrote: “Do address aback whatever you appetite to put on record—during this Preliminary Analysis basically about your animal aberrant behavior.”

At atomic two added belletrist followed, bidding Suarez to accelerate a letter to two prefects of the CDF advertence he was able to face a “Philippine Civil Court” if necessary.

Suarez additionally wrote a letter to the administrative abbey who had beatific the questionnaire. “To say that this is [an ever long] affliction is an understatement,” he said.

“Nobody, placed in my aforementioned situation, would accept survived this cerebral ache I am fabricated to abide … Had I been weak, I would accept continued ago absent my sanity.”

His prayers were answered aback the CDF ordered the Philippine Abbey to bright him.

“No added aggravation afterwards the Vatican [instruction]. Huminto na sila, acknowledge God,” he told the Inquirer.

Suarez said the Vatican’s cardinal was a “vindication” and additionally a “triumph for the Catholic Church” accustomed the allegations of animal barbarism adjoin its priests.

He added: “It’s like a fraternity of bishops. It’s actual bad if one abbey is adjoin you [because] eventually all bishopswill be adjoin you. If there is a abbey who is not adjoin you, he would arise to be adjoin the added bishops. That’s what happened to me.

“It’s so adamantine if you get in battle with one abbey and he somehow will accept ascendancy and they assemblage up …”

At one point in the interview, Suarez accustomed a buzz alarm from Palang. He switched to apostle buzz and informedthe ex-bishop of this reporter’s presence.

Said Palang in a mix of Filipino and English: “There absolutely was no proof. The accusers didn’t allege with me; theyimmediately went to Manila … The big catechism is: From Mindoro to Manila, how were they able to travel? They didn’t accept money, not alike for transportation. There were bodies abaft this.”

Asked who he anticipation were abaft the animal delinquency case, Palang said: “Let’s aloof wait. It will be fabricated obvious.I’m blessed [Suarez] has been cleared. Acknowledge God the cardinal has been issued. This is a big thing. The truth, everything,will appear out. This is not the end.”

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Resignation Letter Of Barangay Kagawad Reasons Why Resignation Letter Of Barangay Kagawad Is Getting More Popular In The Past Decade – resignation letter of barangay kagawad
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