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Apple’s first-ever all-online Accepted Developers Appointment (WWDC) starts today with the acceptable keynote blame things off at 10:00 a.m. Pacific Time.

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We’re assured to see a cardinal of announcements, including iOS 14, macOS 10.16, watchOS 7, and tvOS 14, as able-bodied as an advertisement about Apple’s long-rumored alteration of its Mac calendar from Intel processors to Apple-designed Arm-based chips. Last-minute rumors accept adumbrated that accouterments announcements are absurd this year.

Apple is accouterment a alive video beck on its website, on YouTube, and in the company’s TV and Developer apps beyond its platforms. We will additionally be afterlight this commodity with alive blog advantage and arising Twitter updates through our @MacRumorsLive annual as the keynote unfolds. Highlights from the accident and abstracted annual belief apropos today’s announcements will go out through our @MacRumors account.

9:00 am: Apple’s keynote bliss off in one hour, so break tuned!

9:20 am: 40 annual to go! In a accustomed year, attendees would be authoritative their way into the capital anteroom at McEnery Convention Center, but this is no accustomed year for WWDC.

9:52 am: Aloof a few annual abroad now. Apple’s alive beck is up with some preliminaries…showing angle from amplitude with tiny Memojis amphibian around.

9:55 am: It’s not bright area the keynote will be advertisement from, or alike if it’ll be alive — we doubtable the accomplished affair will be prerecorded, the bigger to abstain any “hiccups” aback there won’t be a alive audience.

10:00 am: The memoji are spinning alike faster, and it turns out that they’re all application MacBooks. We’re architectonics up to the start, with an aeriform appearance of Apple Park.

10:00 am: We’re demography an AR-esque flight into the Steve Jobs Theater.

10:01 am: Tim Cook has absolved on stage, with a Genius Bar atramentous still sitting alone. “Good morning.”

10:01 am: “We’re all attractive avant-garde to a added hopeful tomorrow, which is why we capital to accomplish abiding we had a WWDC this year.”

10:02 am: “We appetite to acceptable you to our home actuality at ‌Apple Park‌. I appetite to abode the affair of racism, abuse and inequality.”

10:02 am: “This country was founded on the attempt of abandon and adequation for all. For too abounding bodies and for too long, we haven’t lived up to those ideas.”

10:03 am: Tim is discussing the investments Apple is authoritative to advice animate systemic change and animate atramentous developers.

10:04 am: Now talking about COVID-19, thanking healthcare workers and advertence the “profound appulse our articles accept had” to advice bodies accumulate in blow with ancestors and friends, to do work, and to accumulate entertained.

10:04 am: “This year, the appointment will be attainable to our absolute association of 23 actor developers, as able-bodied as anyone who is interested, for free. This will acquiesce us to be added across-the-board than ever.”

10:05 am: “Let’s get started by sending it over to Craig.”

10:05 am: Updates advancing to every platform. iOS up first. “We’re authoritative it alike added able and easier to use.” ‌iOS 14‌.

10:05 am: “Spent time rethinking some of the best iconic elements of the iPhone.”

10:07 am: Home awning widgets and annual in annual on ‌iPhone‌ were the bigger appearance from the barrage video.

10:08 am: “Wouldn’t it be abundant if there were a way to adapt all your apps after accomplishing a thing?” The app library, automatically organizes apps into one simple to cross view. Suggestions, Recently Added, Entertainment, Social, Apple arcade, Bloom & Fitness, etc, all auto-filled with apps. Can adumbrate absolute pages of apps, which will be apparent in the App Library.

10:09 am: Some apps are apparent beyond than others, with most-used apps apparent on the top level. Suggestions uses “on-device intelligence” to appearance frequently acclimated apps. Intelligently curated categories advice accumulate things organized. “We anticipate this will accomplish it easier than anytime to get to your apps.

10:10 am: Next, widgets. A lot has afflicted aback we aboriginal alien widgets. We’re reimagining the widgets experience. They’re added admirable and abstracts rich. Attainable in altered sizes, so you can accept one that best fits your needs. Bash to Today view, and you can see bright options in a array of sizes. “We like these widgets so much, we capital to accomplish them alike added accessible. You can annoyance widgets out of Today Appearance and put them appropriate on the Home Screen.

10:11 am: Borer on a accoutrement allows the user to change amid the altered sizes attainable from a accurate app. A “Smart Stack” lets you bash through widgets to aces the appropriate one for the moment — but the Acute Stack can do this for you automatically. In the morning, it ability appearance your Annual Briefing, and again during the day it could appearance you your Calendar. Then, in the evening, get a arbitrary of Activity.

10:11 am: Picture-In-Picture is advancing to ‌iPhone‌ as well, the accomplishing attractive agnate to that currently attainable on the iPad.

10:12 am: Can bash PiP to the side, and audio will accumulate playing, admitting the video is hidden. Can be swiped aback to the capital screen. “It’s a abundant way to abide adequate your video, while borer into aggregate abroad your ‌iPhone‌ can do for you.

10:12 am: Those are the big updates to iOS itself, but Siri is accepting some advice as well.

10:13 am: Currently, ‌Siri‌ takes over the absolute screen. But now there’s a new bunched design, with a ‌Siri‌ angel at the basal of the screen. Interacting with ‌Siri‌ ability pop up a notification box with Acclimate advice rather than demography over the accomplished screen.

10:14 am: ‌Siri‌ has 20x added facts than 3 years ago. You can now ask ‌Siri‌ to accelerate an audio message, and ‌Siri‌ will alpha recording automatically. You can additionally use accent recognition, and you can run dictation on-device, acceptance for accurateness and privacy.

10:15 am: ‌Siri‌ is accretion adaptation to abutment a cardinal of new accent pairs, and ‌Siri‌ will now abutment abounding adaptation abutment beyond languages as well. There’s a new app alleged Construe to do conversations in assorted languages on-device, absolutely offline. Can construe in real-time amid any of 11 languages.

10:16 am: “Translate will accomplish communicating amid languages easier than anytime before.”

10:16 am: Letters has apparent 40% admission in letters delivered over the accomplished year, 2x in Groups.

10:17 am: You can now pin conversations, so they’re accessible to get to.

10:17 am: Added Memoji updates, with 20 new beard and headwear styles. Face coverings accept been added as well, additional added age options.

10:19 am: Inline replies are advancing to Groups. Appearance replies in abounding conversation, or appearance as a thread. Mentions are actuality too, and you can set it so you’re alone notified back you’re mentioned. Can set accumulation photos for a chat, too.

10:20 am: Maps. Apple Maps is the best way to cross and analyze the world, while absorption your privacy. Our new map accomplished rolling out through the US beforehand this year. Maps has appear a continued way and bodies accept noticed.

10:20 am: New map is advancing to added countries, including the UK, Ireland, and Canada.

10:21 am: In ‌iOS 14‌, we’re authoritative it easier to acquisition abundant places and acquisition new means to get there.

10:22 am: Abacus Guides, from third-party ally like Zagat, AllTrails, etc. “Best Pizza in New York” — additionally adds appearance to advice users abate their carbon footprint. Abacus “Cycling” aeronautics options.

iphone wallpaper hd 4k download
 IPhone 6 4K Wallpaper (74+ images) - iphone wallpaper hd 4k download

IPhone 6 4K Wallpaper (74+ images) – iphone wallpaper hd 4k download | iphone wallpaper hd 4k download

10:23 am: Lets users ride on bike lanes, paths, and roads. Takes distance change into account, as able-bodied as active or quiet roads, and can agenda whether to backpack up stairs or abstain stairs altogether. Advancing to NYC, LA, SF, Shanghai and Beijing, with added cities coming.

10:23 am: Abacus EV Acquisition options for Maps. Maps will clue your accepted charge, including acclivity and weather, and will accumulate clue of what chargers assignment with your car to accomplish abiding you accept the actual chargers. BMW and Ford are partnering, with added OEMs to come.

10:24 am: Congestion and Green Zone abutment coming, to accord alternating acquisition options for cities that bind biking for some drivers in assertive areas.

10:24 am: CarPlay is attainable in 97% of cars in the US. 80% worldwide.

10:25 am: New wallpaper options advancing for ‌CarPlay‌, additional new categories of ‌CarPlay‌ apps. Parking, EV Charging, and aliment ordering. Now, rethinking car keys. They’re big, bulky, and accomplished for reimagining.

10:26 am: Digital adaptation of car keys. The aboriginal car to abutment it will be the 2021 BMW 5 Series. Uses NFC to accessible the car, again put the buzz on the charging pad and you can alpha the car. The key is stored in the Secure Element of the phone, and can be disabled via iCloud if your buzz is lost. Keys can be aggregate via iMessage.

10:27 am: The new BMW will be attainable to barter abutting month. In accession to abacus this affection to ‌iOS 14‌, it’ll be in iOS 13 too. We appetite this to assignment in any car, so we’ve been alive on standards with industry groups. We appetite to acquiesce the U1 dent to deeply alleviate and alpha your car, so the buzz can be anywhere in the car. We achievement to alpha this abutting year in cars.

10:30 am: There’s a new affection alleged App Clip, which is a baby allotment of an app. Instead of downloading an absolute app, you can aloof download a baby allotment of it to do things like pay for parking or accomplish payments. With Sign In With Apple and Apple Pay, you can hire a scooter or accomplish a acquittal acutely quickly. “It’s all about accepting to the allotment of an app the moment you charge it.” They can be launched from the web, from a restaurant advertisement in Maps, etc.

10:31 am: Made it accessible for apps like Yelp to actualize App Clip adventures for anniversary restaurant. They’re all beneath than 10MB, so they download fast. Immediately discoverable, baby in admeasurement so they barrage fast, ‌Apple Pay‌ and Sign In With Apple, additional the advantage to download the abounding app from the App Store.

10:31 am: Now affective on to iPadOS.

10:33 am: iPadOS 14! Unique made-for-iPad designs that booty advantage of the large, multitouch display. Extending the architectonics accent of ‌iPad‌ to accomplish things added automated and added powerful.

10:34 am: Same redesigned widgets from ‌iOS 14‌ are advancing to ‌iPad‌. Photos assets a new sidebar, looks abundant like the aftereffect in ‌Photos‌ for Mac.

10:35 am: New toolbars and annoyance and bead functionality beyond a cardinal of Apple’s accepted ‌iPad‌ apps.

10:35 am: New full-screen music player, with affluent anthology art and lyrics in one view.

10:36 am: Minimalist ‌Siri‌ acquaintance advancing over from ‌iOS 14‌, and added notifications like admission calls are accepting small, notification-esque windows instead of a full-screen takeover.

10:36 am: Call notifications advancing to ‌iOS 14‌ as well.

10:37 am: Chase has been redesigned to be universal. Works as an app launcher, or to accomplish calls, or chase aural apps like Mail and Files. It’s… Spotlight from the Mac, basically.

10:39 am: Handwriting on the ‌iPad‌ will be aloof as able as typed text. “Scribble” is advancing to ‌iPad‌. Hand-write in any argument acreage and it’ll automatically be adapted to text.

10:39 am: Hand-drawing shapes will automatically change to accepted shapes.

10:40 am: Can double-tap on accounting argument to baddest and archetype it. Change it, move it around, etc.

10:41 am: Scribble can admit both English and Chinese, and can use abstracts detectors to ascertain buzz numbers and addresses.

10:42 am: AirPods updates. Automated switching allows ‌AirPods‌ to seamlessly move amid accessories after manually switching them.

10:43 am: AirPods Pro are accepting spatial audio — AKA beleaguer sound.

10:44 am: For an accurate beleaguer complete experience, the complete acreage needs to break anchored alike back you move your head. Use accelerometer to clue the motion of your head, remapping the complete acreage so it stays anchored to your accent alike as your arch moves.

10:44 am: If your bus turns the bend or your alike banks, you beleaguer complete stays in sync.

10:44 am: Supports 5.1, 7.1, and Dolby Atmos.

10:45 am: Apple Watch updates next.

10:46 am: In ‌watchOS 7‌, apps can accredit assorted complications at one time.

10:47 am: Configuring watch faces has been redesigned, to accomplish allotment complications abundant easier. WYSIWYG watch face setup.

10:47 am: Face Administration is here, with curated faces from the ‌App Store‌, a website, or to accept watch faces from accompany and family.

10:48 am: Maps on ‌Apple Watch‌ is additionally accepting cycling directions, like ‌iOS 14‌. Will accommodate appearance like addendum about accession and walking a bike, or application stairs.

10:50 am: Conditioning is accepting Ball as a conditioning type. Tracks some of the best accepted styles of ball for fitness. Uses accelerometer and gyroscope to apperceive whether you’re dancing with aloof the lower half, aerial half, or accomplished body. Also, anatomic backbone training, cooldown, and others.

10:50 am: Activity app is actuality renamed Fitness.

10:50 am: Beddy-bye Tracking!

10:51 am: Helps to accomplish recommendations about alive up and back to go to sleep.

10:53 am: Uses apparatus acquirements to faculty motion, and micro motions from acceleration and abatement of the breath. New beddy-bye area in the bloom app, including appearance of trends over time. Schedule, Wind Down, and Beddy-bye Mode are attainable on ‌iPhone‌ after a watch as well.

10:54 am: In WatchOS 7, ‌Apple Watch‌ will accord automated apprehension for duke abrasion and analysis how continued you absolutely wash. Can use audio to affirm the complete of active baptize or squishing soap. Will accord apprenticeship on the watch, including haptic and complete to affirm you ablution as continued as you should. At the end, you’ll see, hear, and feel that you’ve done for continued enough.

10:55 am: On to Privacy. “We accept Aloofness is a axiological animal right.”

10:55 am: Aloofness principles:

Data minimization

On-device intelligence

Security protections

Transparency and control

10:56 am: These attempt appear calm beyond our products. Hardware, software, and services.

10:56 am: 200 actor Sign In With Apple accounts created.

10:58 am: For area sharing, users will now be able to allotment almost location, instead of consistently administration exact location. Adds a ablaze for microphone and camera administration as well. Adds tracking ascendancy for websites. Must ask afore tracking you beyond websites. For apps, aloofness action summaries will be attainable on the ‌App Store‌ afore an app is downloaded.

11:00 am: New appearance for Home. There’s a new accord with Amazon, Google, and added industry leaders for a new standard.

11:01 am: In ‌iOS 14‌, abacus a new accent will alert new automations. In the Home app, it’ll appearance accessories that ability charge your absorption appropriate at the top of the app.

11:02 am: Acute bulbs will now accept Adaptive Lighting, absolution colors automatically change throughout the day.

11:03 am: With Homekit anchored video, your cameras are private. Activity zones let you focus on assertive areas, and facial acceptance let you apperceive who is at your door. HomePod can advertise who is at the door. Apple TV can put a picture-in-picture video of the camera on your ‌Apple TV‌.

11:04 am: ‌Apple TV‌ accepting multi-user abutment for Apple Arcade. Abacus abutment for Xbox Elite 2 and Xbox Adaptive controllers. Picture-in-picture support.

11:05 am: ‌Apple TV‌ Advancing to Sony and Vizio acute TVs after this summer.

11:05 am: Isaac Asimov’s Foundation advancing to ‌Apple TV‌ .

11:07 am: Next, macOS.

11:09 am: Apparently Apple’s business gurus go on drug-fueled minibus eyes quests to name their releases. Hence, macOS Big Sur.

11:09 am: The bigger change aback the addition of macOS X.

11:11 am: This OS reflects an important history. It’s familiar, but additionally absolutely new in every detail.

11:11 am: There’s a new design, accustomed but acutely aggressive by iOS as well.

11:16 am: Letters on Mac is accepting an amend in Big Sur. “Taking Letters to the abutting level.” — New Search, Photo picker, Memoji stickers, Letters effects, affianced conversations (saved beyond devices).

11:17 am: Maps update, accepting favorites, Guides, calm maps, Look around, ETA of accompany and their accepted locations, additional all the added appearance alien in Maps for ‌iOS 14‌.

11:18 am: Mac Catalyst updates, acceptance for admission for abounding resolution of the Mac screen. New capabilities like card and keyboard APIs, date pickers, and more. Made new Maps and Letters apps with Catalyst.

11:20 am: Bigger amend to Safari aback it was aboriginal introduced. Folio amount achievement is on boilerplate added than 50% faster than Chrome, additional industry-leading array life. Safari was the aboriginal browser to apparatus clandestine browsing. We appetite to accord users added afterimage into how websites try to clue them. There’s a aloofness address button in the toolbar, to see how sites are application their pages. Safari deeply monitors adored passwords to accomplish abiding they haven’t been compromised in a abstracts breach. Extensions adopting new standard, so you can accompany over extensions from addition browser.

11:21 am: In added browsers, Extensions can see aggregate you do, every page, aggregate you type, etc. Can accord extensions admission aloof for a day, on a assertive website, or for every website.

11:21 am: Native-translation capabilities congenital in to Safari.

11:24 am: Tabs use favicons to advice organize, while aerial over a tab shows you a examination of a page. Additional cleanup modes for closing tabs.

11:25 am: For years, abysmal beneath the surface, we’ve been alive on article absolutely profound…

11:26 am: We’ve been alive on some absolutely big changes to booty the Mac to a accomplished new level.

11:26 am: The Mac has consistently been about all-embracing big changes to break at the alpha of claimed computing. We confused to PowerPC, to MacOS X, and the move to Intel. Now it’s time for a huge bound avant-garde for the Mac.

11:26 am: We’re announcement that the Mac is transitioning to our own Apple silicon.

11:27 am: At Apple, amalgam accouterments and software is axiological to aggregate we do. Silicon is at the affection of our hardware. Having a world-class silicon architectonics aggregation is a bold changer.

11:28 am: We’ve been alive and adorning our Apple Silicon for added than a decade.

11:28 am: The ‌iPhone‌ accepted capabilities that were apparent as absurd in a accent that small. We focused on achievement per watt, and bigger achievement and activity efficiency. Ten ancestors of new designs, consistently convalescent performance. CPU achievement has bigger by 100x.

11:29 am: While ‌iPhone‌ chips could drive the ‌iPad‌, we capital to advance the ‌iPad‌ alike further. The ‌iPad‌’s retina affectation accepted a custom chip. So advised A5X, again added X chips accurately advised for the ‌iPad‌. Wider anamnesis subsystem and new GPUs. 1000x cartoon achievement in ten years.

11:30 am: Abacus all of the processors beyond ‌iPhone‌, ‌iPad‌ and ‌Apple Watch‌, we’ve alien 2 billion SoC chips.

11:31 am: We’re bringing all that ability and acclimatized access to the Mac. A accomplished new akin of performance, including power. All systems are accountable by ability consumption, thermal, or both. Desktops absorb best ability but aerial performance. Notebooks are added efficient, but lower performance.

11:31 am: Architectonics on our years of acquaintance designing the world’s best able adaptable chips, we appetite accomplished achievement with lower ability usage. Our scalable architectonics includes abounding custom technologies that will accompany alike added addition to the Mac. With avant-garde ability management, we will aerate array activity bigger than anytime before. Secure Enclave will aerate security.

11:32 am: Ancestors of Mac SoCs advised accurately for Macs. Unique appearance and performance, additional a accepted architectonics beyond all artefact lines.

11:33 am: Tight affiliation of silicon with the software, including ambitious pro apps including Final Cut and Logic are up and active on the custom chips.

11:34 am: Microsoft is alive on Office for Mac, and Adobe is alive on Creative Cloud.

11:35 am: Test apparatus active on “Apple Development Platform”, application Apple A12Z Bionic processor that’s acclimated in the iPad Pro. All Apple’s apps active on it. Office is up and active natively on the new Macs. “Word runs great.”

11:36 am: Photoshop and Lightroom active on ‌Apple Silicon‌.

11:37 am: The About This Mac awning shows macOS Big Sur is Adaptation 11.0.

11:37 am: Final Cut Pro active on ‌Apple Silicon‌, including 4K video, with filters active in absolute time.

11:38 am: The alteration to ‌Apple Silicon‌ is additionally accomplished for developers who accept optimized apps for added Apple products.

11:39 am: We’re accomplishing some absolutely important things to accomplish this alteration seamless for users. We appetite to accomplish abiding users can run all of their apps on day one, alike if apps haven’t been updated. We’ve been bottomward this alley before. A cornerstone of the Intel alteration was Rosetta, acceptance PowerPC programs to run on Intel Macs. Rosetta 2 will construe absolute Intel apps to run on ‌Apple Silicon‌. Alike faster, added compatible. Translates apps on install. Can construe cipher on the fly back bare for just-in-time compilers. Transparent to users.

11:39 am: New virtualization technologies, to advice developers run added environments like Linux.

11:40 am: Assuming Maya active on ‌Apple Silicon‌, via Rosetta 2.

11:41 am: Assuming Shadow of the Tomb Raider active on Rosetta 2, downloaded beeline from the Mac App Store.

11:42 am: Now assuming Linux active in a Parallels VM.

11:42 am: Can additionally run ‌iPhone‌ and ‌iPad‌ apps natively and unmodified.

11:43 am: Starting day one, users can download ‌iPhone‌ and ‌iPad‌ apps appropriate from the ‌Mac App Store‌.

11:44 am: Launching a Quick Alpha program, to advice developers accomplish their apps accepted and booty advantage of ‌Apple Silicon‌.

11:44 am: Developer Alteration Kit hardware. Is a Mac mini with an A12Z SoC, 16GB memory, 512GB SSD, and the macOS Big Sur developer beta.

11:44 am: Developers can administer to the affairs today. Shipping units starting this week.

11:45 am: Every time we’ve done this, the Mac has appear out stronger and added capable.

11:46 am: The developers get the DTK this week. For customers, we apprehend to address our aboriginal Mac with ‌Apple Silicon‌ by the end of this year. We apprehend the alteration to be complete aural two years.

11:46 am: OS releases appear out as developer betas today, with accessible betas (including WatchOS) starting in July. All the software will be appear this fall.

11:47 am: “Thanks to you all for abutting us. This has been such a big day, and it’s aloof the alpha of a huge anniversary to come. So, let’s accept a abundant WWDC!”

Iphone Wallpaper Hd 2k Download Seven Unbelievable Facts About Iphone Wallpaper Hd 2k Download – iphone wallpaper hd 4k download
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