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Samsung The Anatomy TV (2020) is that analytical of creatures: a TV advised as abundant about its abode as adornment as a affectation for television shows. The Frame’s design-first mentality has already fatigued affluence of attention, with glassy cabling solutions, wall-mounting and bezel options that ape an absolute account frame, and committed modes for accessing iconic artworks or ‘ambient’ imagery. 

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We aftermost advised The Anatomy aback in 2018, award a gorgeously-crafted television that nonetheless suffered in the account department, with issues with blush and accuracy that chock-full it activity like a active allowance essential. 

Two years and two archetypal iterations after – including a QLED console and a host of new allocation options – Samsung The Anatomy (2020) is a abundant bigger proposition, alike if some accessory complaints with accuracy and blue images remain.

With a mix of TV sizes, altered atramentous bezels you can change on the fly, and a host of accessible artworks, wallpapers, and screensavers to display, The Anatomy absolutely can baby to any cardinal of homes, with a huge bulk of array in its appearance, function, and adjustment (wall-mounted or ashore on a counter).

It’s account acquainted that the 2019 The Anatomy wasn’t accessible for review, acceptation that Samsung is acutely added assured in their artefact this time about – which is abundantly acceptable in our minds.

Read on for our abounding Samsung The Anatomy (2020) review, area we’ll awning the architecture choices, acute TV interface, Art and Ambient modes, and complete affection you’ll acquisition aback affairs the latest adaptation of The Frame.

Samsung’s The Anatomy is accessible in the UK, US, and Australia – with some slight adverse in sizes amid those territories. The aboriginal 32-inch admeasurement is currently alone accessible in the US for $599 admitting we apprehend it to arise abroad in the advance of 2020. The 43-inch, 50-inch, 55-inch, 65-inch, and 75-inch models can now be begin in all three territories, though.

We advised The Anatomy in its 50-inch admeasurement ($1,299 / £1,399 / AU$1,799). For added sizes, you’ll be advantageous $999 / £1,199 / AU$1,559 for the 43-inch, $1,499 / £1,599 / AU$2,295 for the 55-inch, $1,999 / £2,199 / AU$2,695 for the 65-inch, and $2,999 / £3,499 / AU$3,995 for the 75-inch.

It’s not the cheapest QLED in 2020 – that moniker goes to the Q60T, which retails at $529 / £799 (around AU$800) for its aboriginal 43-inch admeasurement – but the exceptional you pay on The Anatomy does accompany a host of beheld allowances (on the outside, at least).

Customizable frames alpha at $99 / £169 / AU$99, depending on the archetypal admeasurement you’re affairs for.

Don’t appetite to burst out on a new TV? Check out the 2019 model:

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The best important aspect of The Anatomy is, naturally, the design.

More so than any added of Samsung’s QLED TVs, The Anatomy is a television that puts appearances first. The abstraction is that, alike if you’re a approved TV-watcher, there are apparently hours of the day aback you’re ashore with a big atramentous rectangle assertive your active allowance – which is why The Anatomy has so abounding appearance advised to advice it alloy in with your home decor.

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The abject anatomy of The Anatomy is a able atramentous metal: chic up close, but not absolute attention-grabbing from a few meters away. For a baby accession to the bulk of the television, though, you can buy a array of bezels that attach magnetically for a full-on account anatomy aesthetic: colors accommodate white, black, brown, beige, bittersweet red, and adobe beige.

The Anatomy is a set that doesn’t try to be cool abbreviate – with a thick, quality-material bezel – but it has a absolute adulatory silhouette, after a bulging rear or bulging parts. There’s amplitude in the aback of the television for a alike wall-mount to be attached; you can attach two solid anxiety to the base of the affectation instead – thankfully, after accepting to application any screws – but the bank still feels like the accustomed home for The Frame.

The Anatomy (2020) is additionally one of the few new Samsung TVs to affection the OneConnect box: a glassy cabling band-aid that outsources power, HDMI, USB ports and the like to a abstracted allotment of hardware, to anticipate abundant affairs ruining the apple-pie and chic attending of your television. It’s a ablaze addition, abnormally actuality area the artful is so crucial. 

The rear of the box appearance four HDMI 2.0 ports (including eARC support), optical, ethernet, CI, satellite, Air/Cable, and ExLink, with two USB ports on the ancillary – but alike in 2020 it’s still absurd that one, near-invisible wire can backpack all that advice over to the display.

As with best high-end Samsung TVs, you get a brace of remotes: one basal alien with adaptable buttons and a abounding after keypad, and one ‘designer’ alien with a slimmed-down anatomy agency and basal button layout.

The glassy archetypal is far added acceptable to authority and use, and carries committed buttons to Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and Rakuten TV (in the UK, at least) as able-bodied as a ‘123’ button to calmly blazon in approach numbers onscreen.

There are a brace of tricks account blockage the chiral for – such as acute in the aggregate button for aphasiac – but annihilation decidedly frustrating. (A hint: acute the ability button already will about-face amid TV and Art Mode, but captivation the button bottomward will about-face off the television entirely.)

Screen Sizes: 32, 43, 50, 55, 65, 75-inch | Tuner: TVPlus | 4K: Yes | HDR: Yes | Console technology: QLED | Acute TV: Yes, Tizen | Curved: No | Dimensions: 1121(w) x 642(h) x 458(d)mm | Weight: 13.3kg | 3D: No | Inputs: 4xHDMI 2.0, 2xUSB, ethernet, optical, terrestrial, cable input, accessory input, CI slot 

Samsung’s Tizen acute TV belvedere is one of the best in the business, and there’s little absolutely to awning in this section.

Tizen makes use of a aboveboard row of apps and casework – which overlays over whatever app or agreeable you currently accept arena on the television – with a additional agreeable row that ancestor up aloft whatever app you’ve called absolute the programming accessible aural it. 

The app alternative is customizable, too, acceptation you can pin, delete, and adapt what’s on appearance – so if you appetite Disney Plus advanced of Netflix, Rakuten TV amid YouTube and Apple TV, or otherwise, that’s all appropriate with The Frame. We ability accept accepted a added automated or audible layout, accustomed the architecture focus of The Frame, but there absolutely isn’t that abundant that could be bigger (aside from the rather bedraggled Samsung TV Plus app, which is assuredly half-visible at the basal of the home screen, and a bit of an eye-sore).

You get two choices for articulation abettor support, too, with both Amazon Alexa and Samsung’s centralized (and abundant maligned) Bixby abettor available.

As expected, Alexa works fine, and you can set up the set to assignment in affiliation with Amazon Echo acute speakers and added Alexa accessories too. Bixby isn’t absolutely as capable, and we don’t decidedly acclaim it unless you’re afraid to simple commands that jump amid apps and antecedent inputs – admitting there is a badly advantageous set of Bixby commands listed in the TV’s Settings (e-Manual > Acute Appearance > Application Bixby) which is accessible for alive how absolutely to allege to Bixby to get it accomplishing what you want.

One of The Frame’s best characteristic appearance is Art Mode: a ambience that displays artworks, paintings, landscapes, or your own claimed photos instead of a atramentous TV screen.

Notably, Samsung has partnered with a cardinal of acclaimed museums and galleries, including the V&A and Saatchi Gallery in London, the Van Gogh building in Amsterdam, and affluence others from about the world. Out of hundreds of artworks, you technically alone get 20 for free, and you will charge to advancement to a paid account cable to get a added array of paintings and the like – but there’s affluence of added accomplishments fodder to use after advantageous a penny.

The app’s blueprint could be improved, though: selecting Art Approach brings you automatically to a awning allurement you to pay for the exceptional advantage (£3.99 per ages in the UK), and the best advantageous sections – accuracy and motion sensor settings, for one – aren’t arresting unless you annal bottomward to ‘Spotlight’ and analyze through the tabs that appear. Overall, though, Art Approach feels audible and curated abundant to accomplish The Anatomy feel altered from added 2020 Samsung TVs.

We’re told by a Samsung rep that Art Approach uses about 30% of the ability that alive a cine on Netflix would, acceptation it’s not as eco-friendly as artlessly axis the TV off, but is a acceptable advantage for aback you’re about the abode a lot or accepting aggregation over.

Ambient Approach is additionally able-bodied account a look, utilizing – you estimated it – ‘ambient’ animations and customizable blush gradients to advice accomplish a abstracted atmosphere (or aloof bout the wallpaper as absolutely as possible). The assorted alarm faces and amphibian elastic duckie are some claimed favorites, but there’s affluence to try out here, including real-time acclimate advice and account account supplied by Samsung’s upday account app.

Samsung The Anatomy (2020) may be as appealing as a picture, but the absolute account affection isn’t consistently up to scratch.

It’s still a notable advance on the 2018 model, helped by a newer Quantum Processor 4K, which ensures Samsung’s accepted upscaling arete is absolutely on appearance – with both HD and 4K sources attractive brittle and abundant on The Frame’s 50-inch UHD screen.

Motion is awful smooth, too, with the activity sequences in Scott Pilgrim vs The Apple attractive as able as we hoped, whether skateboards were aqueous bottomward on the hero’s arch or swords and hammers were accepted beyond the screen. The Anatomy automatically uses a Account Clarity approach to aid with this, admitting we begin motion absolutely adequate alike after it.

Almost all the sources we approved looked abundant on Samsung The Frame’s QLED panel, with a brace of exceptions.

While some QLED panels can achievement bags of nits brightness, The Anatomy is a bit dim by comparison, at alone a few hundred. This is accomplished for accustomed use – you absolutely won’t charge the Mona Lisa admirable you at 2,000 nits – but it agency the account isn’t absolutely as impactful as some added Samsung TVs.

It additionally agency that the set can attempt to appearance detail in darker scenes – abnormally with some ambient ablaze in the room. It’s not an affair best of the time, but agency that shows that depend on aphotic environments to set the affection (Netflix’s dystopian sci-fi Altered Carbon, for instance) can suffer. In these cases, we begin the Cine account ambience was the best advantage to advice out.

SDR (standard activating range) is absolutely able here, with abundantly accepting appropriate blush amusement – as is applicable for an aesthetic television. HDR is area The Anatomy absolutely looks best, with Samsung’s proprietary activating HDR format, HDR10 , advantaged by Amazon Prime Video. We put HDR10 to the analysis with the Amazon Original The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, and were afflicted by the vividly-colored costumes, dresses, and headwear throughout.

Skin tones aren’t consistently color-accurate, admitting – abnormally for non-white faces – and we begin ourselves again switching amid account settings to try and alter this. Aback watching Mindy Kaling’s Netflix appearance Never Accept I Ever, we begin the absence Accepted ambience gave the predominantly Indian casting a rather brownish tinge, with Cinema approach jumping to a slight blooming cast instead. It’s a slight issue, but black nonetheless.

Samsung The Anatomy TV may attending good, but how does it sound? You’ll get a appealing accepted 20W achievement here, after Dolby Atmos beleaguer complete or any adorned congenital disciplinarian arrays (as with the Q950TS).

The Anatomy is added for attractive than listening, again – but the complete still holds up for accepted usage. Dialogue is blithely clear, too, with an all-embracing counterbalanced sound, admitting you can alpha to apprehend some audio baloney aback you get to college volumes. This aftermost point isn’t a huge issue, but abundant to beggarly you’ll appetite a committed soundbar if you appetite to use The Anatomy for loud music or big-impact cine scores.

The wall-mounted LG GX Gallery Series OLED is account befitting an eye on, too, as a analogously artwork-minded television, but with 60W Dolby Atmos audio and an OLED console befuddled in. You’ll be advantageous about alert the bulk for an agnate admeasurement – and it’s alone accessible in 55-inch, 65-inch, and 77-inch – but the GX seems like a alive advancement if you accept the banknote to spend.

You appetite a TV that blends in with the decorThe Anatomy TV delivers absolutely what it promises as a fashion-forward television, with the array in allocation and appearance to bout any home. The tidy OneConnect box helps affairs too.

You’re into archetypal artworksThe Anatomy has a different Art Approach for showcasing iconic artworks from museums and galleries about the world, and will accord a acceptable dosage of ability to any active allowance wall.

You adopt anatomy over functionThere are affluence of acceptable TVs out there, but few accept the style, or the aesthetic mindset, of The Anatomy TV.

You appetite a accurate TV for cine nightsBlack crushing is an issue, abnormally for daytime watching – while the low accuracy and meagre 20W audio agency this isn’t the best home amphitheater arrangement out there.

You appetite a acceptable bulk TVYou can get agnate account achievement for abundant cheaper, as the affection abstracts and stylistic accomplishment of The Anatomy adds a appropriate markup to the retail price.

You appetite absurd adverse ratios and absolute colorsOther QLED TVs do this better, and for the aforementioned bulk of money you can get an OLED TV that does this best.

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