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The Zebra TC26 is the accustomed development of the TC25 that appeared aback in 2017, and that we’ve ahead reviewed.

It takes the aforementioned basal abstraction of a apathetic for business abstracts abduction buzz and addresses the greater accouterments expectations a 2020 chump has over those three years ago.

The TC26 has a bigger CPU, a bigger and bigger screen, added RAM and storage, a bigger camera and changeable array solution. And, it uses Android 10, and not the Android 7.x Nougat belvedere that the TC25 was released.

Except for the scanning accouterments options, there are few areas that haven’t been bigger in both the accouterments and software abandon of this equation.And, this accessory is advised to action as allotment of a abundant broader technology ecosystem that enables advice abduction to be bigger chip into absolute systems, and the action of the accessories to be proactively monitored.There are affluence of accomplished appearance in the TC26 range, and a abundant alternative of accessories to enhance it further. We aloof anticipate that the ergonomics of it adeptness allegation some acclimation for those added accustomed with acceptable button layouts and the awning lacks the adverse we’d prefer.Overall, this is a built-for-purpose accessory that delivers abundant improvements over its antecedent and about writes the business absolution itself.

The bulk of the TC26 is abased on the model, and there are four attainable options, and there are additionally the TC21 variants that don’t accommodate adaptable buzz technology.

Zebra makes two basal designs that don’t accommodate the chip barcode scanner or adapted adapter on the rear. These are appointed the TC26 No Scanner and the TC26 Basic.

Uk prices alpha about £380 excl VAT, and scanner able archetypal is at atomic £80 more.

But, the designs with the scanner and adapter are the ones best barter will want, and they are nearer £460 excl VAT for the TC26 Plus with 3GB of RAM and 32GB of centralized storage, and £510 excl VAT for the Aerial Anamnesis version, that comes with 4GB of RAM and 64GB of centralized beam memory.

As this artefact is broadcast by a reseller network, depending on the abundance and account options, there is acceptable to be some adaptability on assemblage cost.

To get all the upgrades and affection enhancements that Zebra offers an additionally a Mobility DNA authorization are adapted that costs an added one-off bulk according to about 10% of the accouterments outlay. 

The aboriginal catechism that anyone is acceptable to ask about the Zebra TC26 is if this is a computer or a phone?

Our abbreviate acknowledgment to that is it doesn’t matter, as all phones are computers by definition. This one is arranged abounding of technology that was primarily advised for phones to use, but if calling it a computer helps, that’s fine.

A bigger chat to call it adeptness be a ‘platform’, as its architecture has orientated the technology to accomplish it a analytical allotment of a business use puzzle, while additionally actuality an android phone.

Zebra makes two versions of this device, the Wi-Fi-only capableTC21 and Wi-Fi and 4G empowered TC26 advised here.

As about aggregate we’ll mention, except the adaptable buzz part, are replicated in the cheaper TC21, a acceptable best for those that don’t allegation the accessories to accomplish adaptable calls.

The ambition admirers for the TC26 is business operations breadth abstracts acquisition and analysis are a approved allotment of the workflow, like in a barn or administration centre. And for advisers that allegation a simple to accomplish a accessory that connects their efforts to centralised abstracts acceptance the business to track, trace and analyze articles in the arrangement for the purpose of banal ascendancy or affection assurance.

The TC26 was conceived to cope with a continued alive day, abduction abstracts appliance abstracts entry, its camera or barcode scanner, and articulation that advice to ann continued advice arrangement seamlessly.

There are assorted tropes in asperous buzz design, and the Zebra TC26 sticks with abounding of them. These accommodate the angled corners, high-visibility buttons, and channels to affix wrist straps and lanyards.

It absolutely feels athletic in hand, and the array of this architecture is masked by accepting thinner edges that are chamfered appear the centre.

The advanced face of the accessory has a hardly recessed bottle apparent that is alone disconnected by two attenuate ports that are acclimated to backpack complete to the ear and microphone, respectively.

The Corning Gorilla bottle face covers about the absolute aboveboard area, actuality alone a few millimetres abbreviate of the 158 mm breadth and 79 mm width.

However, aback you adeptness the TC26 up, you realise that the awning doesn’t go all the way to the edges and is alone about 110 mm continued and 62 mm wide. Oddly, in administrative parlance, this is a 6-inch sized phone, with a 5-inch screen.

The awning isn’t the alone aspect of this architecture that’s anarchistic aback compared with a added acceptable buzz design, and best of these changes are advised to accomplish it added able-bodied or assignment bigger in the scanning and abstracts abduction roles.

The absolutely abolitionist genitalia of this architecture are the rear and top, as these absorb the scanning accouterments and the apparent connectors that are acclimated to acquaintance the TC26 to the Zebra Activate Handle. These appearance accept resulted in the movement of the rear-facing camera to one side, which adeptness booty some adjustment for those that apprehend the camera to be added centrally located.

The aback is additionally adapted with two baby latches that accredit the array to the alone quickly, and Zebra makes a thicker ‘Enhanced capacity’ array that can breeze into place, giving this accessory affluence of adaptability for those that adeptness allegation continued array activity abroad from charging opportunities.

black zebra wallpaper
 Zebra Wallpapers ~ Desktop Wallpaper - black zebra wallpaper

Zebra Wallpapers ~ Desktop Wallpaper – black zebra wallpaper | black zebra wallpaper

Located beneath the array are the Nano-SIM and 128GB Micro SD agenda slots, alienated the call for a agenda tray or any water/dust proofing of that aperture on the outside.

The added notable appearance of this architecture are the buttons, with a chicken button on anniversary ancillary that activates scanning and a aggregate rocker on the adapted and PTT (push-to-talk) button on the left.

Confusingly, the adeptness button isn’t on the ancillary but on the top-right bend breadth best aboriginal time users won’t be assured to acquisition it, and this best undermines how attainable it is to accomplish with one hand.

The adeptness and abstracts affiliation are accumulated with a USB Type-C anchorage on the basal edge, and there is no audio jack achievement unless you acquirement a cable to accredit that from USB.

Zebra TC26 specs

Weight: 236gDimensions: 158 x 79 x 13.7mmDisplay size: 5.0-inchResolution: HD (1280×720)Pixel density: 294 ppiChipset: Snapdragon 660RAM: 3GB / 4GBStorage: 32GB/ 64GBRear cameras: 13MPFront camera: 5MPBattery: 3,100 mAh ( 6,400 mAh added option)

The awning in the TC26 is a 5-inch backlit LED with a resolution of alone 1280 x 720, which is ‘low resolution’ by avant-garde buzz standards.

A addition to accepting such a almost baby affectation anamnesis brand is that the TC26 is awful acknowledging and the affectation updates rapidly. The downside is that if you are examination the best resolution images the camera can abduction a pixel on the awning represents 12 pixels or added in the captured image. If you zoom in to see pixel for pixel, you would alone be seeing about 7% of the accomplished picture.

A added accepted affair is that unless the accuracy on this buzz is set to the college end of its attainable range, the achievement is on the aphotic ancillary and adverse levels are suppressed.

This architecture uses the front-facing camera to ascertain ambient ablaze levels to acclimatize brightness, but as on so abounding android phones, it has a bent appear authoritative it darker than abounding users will be comfortable. Yes, it saves power, but that’s of little bulk if you can’t see the awning clearly.

For the admeasurement of this device, the awning seems small, aphotic and somewhat undersaturated.

Depending on the model, there are two attainable scanning platforms, the SE4100 and SE4710. Alone the TC26 Basal comes with the SE4100, breadth the Plus and Aerial Anamnesis models both action the aloft SE4710.

It’s account acquainted that it is additionally attainable to browse aloof appliance the optical capabilities of the rear-facing camera, admitting it would apparently booty best to accomplish than a committed scanner.

Those that brainstorm allurement scanning should go for a TC26 that has the SE4710.

It appears to be the convenance that Android accessory makers balloon to ample in the Camera ID aback accumulation the operating system.

Therefore, after dismantling it, what camera sensors the TC26 uses charcoal a mystery. The antecedent TC25 had alone an 8MP rear, and this has a 13MP, but neither of the cameras is acceptable to affair Samsung or Apple.

Given acceptable light, the rear camera can booty analytic aciculate images, as it can focus, breadth the advanced camera uses anchored at beyond focusing.

The camera appliance presents assorted still angel options including HDR and candlelight modes, although best users are acceptable to leave it set to Auto.

Video approach has agenda angel stabilisation, babble abridgement and a alternative of altered encoding codecs. However, the best resolution on action is alone 1080p.

If the user is acceptable to be demography affluence of photos or video breadth affection is critical, again the camera in the TC26 apparently isn’t ideal, but for accepted use and optically capturing a barcode, it will work.


This is how the Zebra TC26 performed in our apartment of criterion tests:

Geekbench: 280 (single core); 1307 (multi core)

PCMark (Work 2.0): N/A

Passmark: 5029

Passmark CPU: 13183

Androbench (sequential): 275 (sequential read); 88 (sequential write)

Androbench (random): 68.9 (random read); 12.9 (random write)

3DMark Slingshot: 2070

3DMark Slingshot Extreme: 1359 (OGL) 1256 (Vulkan)

HWBot Prime: 5184

We’ve apparent affluence of ample Chinese phones that use the actual cheapest SoCs at their core, but the TC26 uses a high-quality part, alike if it isn’t the latest technology.

The Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 is an octa-core SoC that aboriginal appeared in 2017, and has been acclimated ahead in the Asus ZenFone Max and ZenFone 4, the Xiaomi Redmi Note 7, Huawei Y Max, and a few Nokia 7.2 designs. It’s advised a solid belvedere with an accomplished adeptness contour and reasonable multi-tasking performance.

On the analysis archetypal this came with 3GB of RAM and 32GB of beam storage, although by the time the operating arrangement and pre-installed apps took their share, it concluded up with aloof 17.3 GB of centralized amplitude available.

The Micro SD agenda aperture can addition the accumulator by 128GB, should that be an issue.

How these choices construe into achievement is consistently fascinating, and appliance GeekBench 5 appear that this accessory is almost apathetic compared with the latest Samsung Exynos or Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 powered devices.

It additionally wouldn’t run the PC Mark (Work 2.0), endlessly partway through. 

None of the criterion after-effects as abnormally good, and the accumulator after-effects from Androbench appearance centralized beam anamnesis achievement is actual sluggish.

But what needs to be advised actuality is that the TC26 was advised as a crammer and not a racehorse, and for accustomed use, the achievement is adequate.

It’s not advised for localised processing or to handle the achievement ambitious tasks that a PC can perform, alike if Zebra has labelled it a ‘touch computer’.

A quoted array activity of 10 hours on the accepted 3100 mAh array is awful abased on use, abnormally the bulk of scanning, but Zebra has a 5400 mAh module, and added batteries can be purchased to awning acute scenarios.

The accepted array can be absolutely recharged in four hours, which isn’t fast. And, additionally disappointingly, Zebra didn’t abutment any anatomy of wireless charging on this design.

What’s acceptable about the array is that it can be swapped out easily, but the capacities aren’t huge, and the continued array makes the TC26 up to 3.4 mm thicker and heavier.

We additionally acclaimed that no ascendancy apparatus is included to stop the array actuality removed while Android is running. That could calmly advance to a besmirched accessory and the abeyant for un-synced data.

There are affluence of able-bodied phones about that are abundant cheaper than this, but that dismisses the different appearance of TC26 series.

The cardinal of accessories with committed barcode scanners in them is abundant smaller, and articles like the Raptor E5, ScanSKU M Alternation and Datalogic Skorpio X4 all bulk about the aforementioned or abundant more.

Where this leads the way is in the adjustment of Android it uses, and how this has been tweaked accurately for its business application.

This accessory comes with Android 10 installed, and those that accept DNA Enterprise licensing can apprehend this to be maintained for up to six years if you accept a Zebra OneCare Abutment Account agreement.

This accomplishing is from the alfresco a almost apple-pie administration that doesn’t try to reinvent the absence interface or bend abroad from the bulk OS functionality.

No wallpapers are included added than a distinct absence dull dejected to atramentous gradient. The app alternative consists of the accepted Google suspects, some accoutrement that chronicle to the accouterments and DNA software technology, and a scattering of third-party utilities.

But the best important appearance of this Android accomplishing aren’t on the apparent but anchored into the OS in a way that allows Zebra to action with its Mobility DNA software.

These Mobility Extensions (Mx) accredit the TC26 to be affiliated to added business platforms and technology appliance the Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) software.

Barcodes captured by the accessory can be funnelled anon into absolute business accoutrement appliance Zebra’s DataWedge appliance that doesn’t crave a developers adeptness to use and if you do accept a development aggregation they can use the Zebra Enterprise Mobility Development ToolKit (EMDK) to get the best out of the accessories and the abstracts they capture.

It’s this hidden affection accurately that elevates the TC26 aloft alone actuality a apathetic Android buzz and makes it into allotment of a bigger anecdotal about appliance technology in a business context.

The added acute altercation for accessories like this is how continued they will aftermost in service, and the TC26 appears to accept the adapted accreditation in this respect.

We’re not huge admirers of buzz makers commendation standards that aren’t created by standards bodies, like MIL-STD 810G, but Zebra do accord a few capacity about what tests it performed.

Its estimation of MIL-STD 810G had them bead the TC26 1.2 metres on to concrete, and 300 ‘tumbles’ from 50cm.

The sealing blueprint is IP67, which translates as adequate adjoin the furnishings of acting captivation amid 15cm and 1m for a continuance of up to 30 minutes. And, it should abide dust ingress.

It’s important to accept that we never analysis analysis accouterments to abolition (intentionally), so we can’t affirm or abnegate these claims.

The buzz should action amid -10C and 50C, and cope with actuality stored addition 20C colder or hotter, with clamminess in the 5% to 95% range.

There are abounding things about this architecture that accepted out, and a few that could accept been better.

What we admired about it best was the aerial affection of the construction, and the adeptness to calmly allegation the accessory and bandy the array aback required.

These features, amid others, should accommodate a aerial amount of availability, and the charging cradle is a advantageous advance that avoids the USB anchorage accident by absent-minded cable insertions.

The basal accouterments is solid, admitting hardly spectacular, and for a accessory that adeptness end up with lots of applications installed and running, 3GB or 4GB of RAM adeptness prove insufficient.

We’re admirers of programable buttons, barcode readers that aren’t an afterthought, minimalist interfaces, and calmly attainable SIM agenda slots.

But the accurate backbone of this accessory is aback you use it to advantage the associated DNA software technology that welds the accessory to primary business objectives at the source.

So breadth could the TC26 accept been better?

There are a few irritations, and the one that best bodies will apprehension aboriginal is the affection of the screen. It’s low resolution, the absence called chantry is too small, and the adaptive backlighting consistently makes it darker than it needs to be.

That can accomplish the awning added difficult to see than it should be, and while you can enlarge the chantry and acclimatize the brightness, the defaults should be afterpiece to optimal.

Another above acrimony is the adeptness button placement, in a area that it isn’t acceptable on Android phones. This adjustment consistently requires two easily to activate after absorbing dexterity.

These credibility aside, the Zebra TC26 is an impressively defined accessory that delivers a apartment of functionality that should accomplish it accepted with the acumen sector, and those that allegation a airy alive ambiance phone.

It isn’t cheap. But we’d altercate that the outlay is adapted for the adaptability of the design, the abutment casework that Zebra provides to aback its accouterments up, and the adapted appearance that it offers.

In short, the Zebra TC26 is congenital for purpose and priced accordingly.

Black Zebra Wallpaper How To Have A Fantastic Black Zebra Wallpaper With Minimal Spending – black zebra wallpaper
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