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ROG UI has consistently been absolute “out there”, alike as far as gaming-styled launchers go. The cast has a assertive artful already accustomed and its buyers assume to acknowledge and apprehend it. Beeline out of the box, the UI screams “gamer”. Aggressive lines, every believable adumbration of red, lots of mechanical, geometric and conflicting visuals. Abounding of them complete with massive-looking motion animations, aglow effects, flames, reactors. You get the gist.

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Not that abounding has afflicted visually aback the ROG Buzz II. The ROG Buzz 3 still has affluence of upgrades abaft the scenes and is agitation Google’s accepted Android 10 release, so it’s not a case of Asus aloof actuality apathetic and rehashing old software. On the contrary, it’s accession archetype of bright priorities and advised actions.

In case it wasn’t attainable already, the ROG Buzz 3 and the ROG UI are brimming of all sorts of avant-garde options, toggles, and menus. One bash bottomward for the quick toggles and you adeptness aloof feel like you are operating a nuclear reactor. The aggregate of options you are accepted to appetite to “quick access” is a bit staggering.


The aboriginal affair you absolutely allegation to try out is acute the X Approach toggle. That kick-starts an absorbing arrangement that would fit appropriate in a Transformers movie. An action on the absence wallpapers gets initiated, symbols alpha shifting, aglow borders alpha activated about icons. If set up accordingly, the RGB logo on the aback fires up, as able-bodied as any accordant Aura Accompany logo on absorbed ROG accessories.

ROG UI with X Approach On

Just in case this all gets a bit too abounding for you or artlessly isn’t your cup of tea, Asus still includes a absolute clean, about AOSP-like affair as an option. Accepting the ROG Buzz 3 and action the boilerplate avenue sounds a lot added acceptable now that Asus has ashen the actual, concrete gamer artful so drastically.

Classic ZenUI

What you get is an Android AOSP experience. It’s bluntly a bit eerie. It about feels like what a kid would alt and tab to if you bolt them arena instead of belief on the computer. It’s about too clean, is what we’re accepting at.

Affair store

In fact, the buzz alike complained aback we initially enabled the basal ZenUI theme, adamantly admonishing us that we would be missing out on activated wallpapers that acknowledge to X Mode. Joking aside, the affair agent in ROG UI is absolute almighty and includes a active online athenaeum with affluence of abounding affair and wallpaper options to explore. Both with and after a gamer circuit to their look.

Speaking of options, the ROG Buzz 3 has absolutely a few. To be fair, though, none that we would absolutely accede bloat. Every avant-garde affection included makes faculty and is about slotted and able aural a sub-menu or an app. Options are abundant, but not chaotic.

The array menu, for instance, has a few absorbing gems hidden away. Aboriginal off is the PowerMaster, which offers a centralized abode for managing app consumption, scanning for issues, as able-bodied as toggling array accumulation options and managing autostart. Aback the ROG Buzz II is acquainted for gaming aloft all else, it makes faculty that best apps are barred from autostarting by default. This is the agenda you should hit up if you accept issues with article like a agent account not active accomplished in the background.

Array options

We already discussed aloof how far Asus has arise in agreement of array savings, controlled charging, and constancy options. The Array modes agenda is area you can accoutrement your custom power-savings profiles. You can set a aggregate of six altered connectivity options, bristles affectation ones, audio volume, and an constituent accomplishments app cleaner for anniversary of the two.

Array modes

Asus has actively managed to advance aloft its solid Array affliction affection foundation from aftermost year. Now, it’s calmly on par with what Qnovo offers. Slow charging, max charging limits, and appointed charging, now complete with able auto-scheduling, accomplish for a able set of tools. The belvedere alike advance your accomplished charging cycles and warns you of sub-optimal behavior. Such affliction for array constancy is a attenuate afterimage on the accepted smartphone arena and annihilation abbreviate of a admirable effort.

Array care

Even admitting the ROG Buzz 3 has affluence of subtleties in its affectation behavior, the agnate settings agenda charcoal apple-pie and well-organized. Alike after absolutely acquisitive what anniversary advantage does, best users will acceptable acquisition their way about it aloof fine.

Affectation settings

In case you absent our deep-dive into how the ROG Buzz 3 handles aerial brace amount and the blush reproduction options it offers, you can jump aback to the affectation area for the abundant info.

The Avant-garde settings agenda houses appealing abounding all the added system-wide added aliment ROG, and Asus added on top of the Android Pie core.

Avant-garde settings menu

Mobile Administrator is absolutely a sister tab to PowerMaster. It handles all the blow of the buzz aliment besides the battery. Things like anamnesis and accumulator cleanup, permission and aegis as able-bodied as abstracts caps and usage.

Adaptable Administrator • Twin Apps • Safeguard • OptiFlex

Thin Apps is adequately self-explanatory. It does crave abutment from the app itself to assignment though. For convenience, there is a chic account of apps you can download in alphabetical order. Neat! Safeguard offers SOS emergency acquaintance options. And OptiFlex is a proprietary app barrage optimizer that works in the accepted way – caching assertive resources, about times in RAM, so that they can abide calmly attainable to the best acclimated apps.

Gestures are ample on the ROG Buzz 3. Absolutely in-depth, as well, including options for autograph out basal belletrist on the affectation and, accomplishments based on double-taps and motion.

Gestures • Gestures • Awning recorder • Screenshot

There are all-embracing controls ambidextrous with both Awning recording and Awning abduction in the avant-garde agenda as well. Things like resolution, orientation, whether or not to almanac complete and blow inputs are all configurable. A baby touch, but one that shows Asus is absolutely agog on accouterment to their banderole and content-creator audience.

System-wide optimizations and accoutrement are acceptable and all, but Asus has fabricated abiding to advance the aggregate of its software accomplishment into software laser-focused on convalescent the gaming acquaintance in particular. Best of it was present on the ROG Buzz II and is affiliated from it, but additionally incrementally enhanced.

We’ll alpha with Bold Bogie first, afore action all-embracing with Armoury Crate, aback the two are technically abstracted entities. Alike admitting they are absolute tightly-knit.

Game bogie is about an in-game bury that gets automatically enabled for amateur but is accurate for any added app, as per your adapted settings. A bash from the larboard ancillary of the awning brings it up, and its capital ambition is to action acceptable admission to gaming-relevant features.

Bold Bogie settings

Most of the options are calmly self-explanatory, like the toggles to attenuate calls and notifications, lock the accuracy or aeon amid the accepted affectation brace rate. In adjustment to assignment properly, or at all, assertive $.25 of Bold Bogie do allegation some added setup. Best notably, the alive alive functions. Already set up you can use a distinct key to go alive on YouTube and Twitch. Appealing great.

There are a few less-obvious or alternatively, more-involved appearance actuality as well. Floating window is a chic one. Already you set up your adopted apps in the settings menu, they arise as little icons on the appropriate ancillary of the Bold Bogie interface. Beyond that, the affection is appealing straight-forward.

Floating apps

The adeptness to get a real-time achievement bury is a nifty, admitting not absolutely new ROG trick. CPU and GPU load, temperature, array akin and fps calculation are all attainable in the Bold toolbar, which can be advisedly abject and positioned over the game. There is alike an beginning affection that tries its best to appraisal how abounding bold time you accept based on your accepted amount with the array allegation absolute in the phone.

Bold toolbar

Some of the more-powerful aliment are those abiding angular on the appropriate end of the Bold Bogie interface. Acceleration up artlessly triggers a accomplishments app cleaner task. Annihilation too special, but still acceptable to accept in reach.

The Air Triggers agenda holds a lot of potential. This is area you go to accoutrement basal mapping for on-screen controls to the AirTrigger 3 accelerated buttons, as able-bodied as the newly-added motion ascendancy action on the ROG Buzz 3. There are more-extensive airheaded to dig-through for these appearance aural Armoury Crate, but this agenda has the account of actuality absolute simple and automatic to use.

Air Triggers quick setup

Macros are appropriately attainable to almanac via the Bold Bogie option. You aloof comedy out the accomplishments already and again analysis and absolute as needed. You can accept assorted macros for a distinct bold and those can alike be mapped to controls, like AirTrigger 3 or added third-party accessories.

If that sounds a bit like cheating to you, delay until you apprehend about Key Mapping. In our books, it is apparently the distinct greatest gaming-geared software apparatus Asus has brought to the table with the ROG Buzz family. It’s an abundantly all-embracing interface for mapping on-screen controls to concrete ones. Directional pads, buttons, sliders all assignment and do so absolutely well.

So, the absolute fun begins aback you affix the ROG Buzz 3 to a accordant accessory, like the new ROG Kunai Gamepad. Every button on that ambassador can again be mapped to an on-screen control, finer giving you console-grade concrete controls axial a bold meant to be played on blow screens.

In fact, it gets alike bigger already you affix the ROG Buzz 3 to a abrasion and keyboard via the Adaptable Desktop Berth or the Asus able dock. Again you can map all the controls to an absolute abrasion and keyboard. Imagine application a abrasion to aim and attending about and aid in a ballista game!

We are acquainted that added agnate mapping solutions do abide on Android (most conspicuously Octopus). Still, they assume to accomplish with a lot added restrictions and artlessly all sorts of warnings for cartoon over added apps and the like. What Asus has crafted for the ROG is done appropriate and on a abounding lower software level, authoritative it a absolutely added-value action for any hardcore adaptable gaming enthusiasts. Or are they alike adaptable already a keyboard and abrasion arise into play?

That hardly awe-inspiring crosshair icon, axial a aboveboard denotes Apparent clip. It is a configurable quick-capture feature, that is meant to instantly save a abbreviate gameplay moment, while in action.

Apparent blow • Macro recording and management

Speaking of crosshairs, Bold Bogie offers a crosshair overlay, as well. These can be customized and advisedly abject beyond the screen. Asus mentions in the description argument that they are meant for use in “practice mode” in games, acceptation that the accepted gamer stigma for such a convenance actuality a bluff is able-bodied understood. Still, because you can absolutely affiliation a abrasion and keyboard to the ROG Buzz 3 and map blow controls in best ballista amateur to that input, application Asus key mapping tech, basal crosshairs are hardly the aboriginal affair to accede in a altercation of fairness.

Most of the appearance aural the Bold Bogie interface and their adjustment can be adapted in some manner. The aforementioned goes for the Bold toolbar. This can be done from a few menus, including one axial Armoury Crate. But aback the closing is agonizingly bound in a account orientation, we advance application the sub-menu beneath Avant-garde settings in the accepted Settings agenda of the ROG Buzz 3.

Bold Bogie settings

Armoury Crate has become a basal of the ROG Buzz experience. Not afflicted in any aloft way, but with affluence of beheld tweaks and small, yet about acute improvements and tweaks in behavior – it’s now attainable on the ROG Buzz 3 as well.

For instance, you are no best bound to aloof departure Armoury Crate via a distinct baby button in the top-left corner, as was the case on the ROG Buzz II. In fact, it is gone now, and the aback action works, but artlessly issues a admonishing acknowledgment notification one footfall afore you leave the app. That’s accepted behavior on Android, and it shows that Asus is demography feedback.

Armoury Crate capital UI

Your buzz still gets bound in mural approach already in Armoury Crate, which can accomplish abyssal assertive best airheaded a bit difficult, but additionally contributes accurately to the ultimate ambition of assiduity the absolute ROG Buzz 3 acquaintance an bringing it as abutting as attainable to a animate one.

From the capital ASUS Armoury Crate interface, you get a few options. The best attainable one actuality your bold agenda interface (or criterion and any app you would like to run with a custom achievement profile). Anniversary admission gets its own “crate”, as the Asus analogue goes. And anniversary crate has its own Bold Profile.

Profiles are a set of settings for altered aspects of the ROG Buzz II that get automatically activated aback the game/app is launched. On the ROG Buzz II, apps and amateur abandoned got their abandoned Scenario Contour activated if launched through Armoury Crate. With the ROG Buzz 3 this is no best a all-important condition. You can barrage things from anywhere and they will still get their custom settings, if some accept been set up.

Per-app Scenario Profiles

Quickly action through the assorted tabs attainable aural Scenario Profiles, you get a lot of ascendancy on Achievement Actuality you can accept to accept X Approach enabled for the app alone, as against the absence area it follows the system-wide toggle, as apparent in the quick toggle bar aloft the notification shade.

Armoury Crate Achievement settings

Manually enabling X Approach from this agenda allows you to accept amid thee levels of X Mode. Anniversary after footfall pushes the accouterments a bit further, including clocks and altruism to heat. There is additionally a toggle for the alternative anamnesis cleaner, at launch.

If you accept Hardcore Affability from the dropdown menu, Armoury Crate offer-up three nifty, cryptic sliders, apparent CPU, GPU, and Temperature control. These acquiesce you to alone baddest how adamantine you appetite the software to advance banned for the accustomed game.

Armoury Crate Hardcore Tuning

Beyond that still, there is an Avant-garde Hardcore Affability agenda underneath. This is what absolutely afar the ROG Buzz band and Asus from the rest. What you get is a very, absolute diffuse agenda of absolute system-level ethics and offsets for assorted modules and genitalia of the phone’s internals. Ethics aerial beeline from the /sys/ folder, which you commonly can’t alike get to after acclaim your device.

Avant-garde Hardcore Tuning

Messing with these can, naturally, be adverse to your experience. You are absurd to accident phone’s accouterments in the action and there is a button to restore the absence values, but you should still abandoned alter actuality if you apperceive what you are doing. If that is the case, some amazing things can absolutely be pulled-off. For instance, if you are accustomed with the achievement characteristics of a accustomed bold you comedy and aloof appear to apperceive that it does not await heavily on the alarm amount of the bigger and best able core, but rather tends to all-inclusive its amount amid abate cores, you can tune-down the primary amount on the Snapdragon 865 and save on battery, aftermath beneath calefaction and get a smoother experience, dabbling thermal-throttling for longer.

Avant-garde Hardcore Tuning

There is alike assorted contour abutment on a per-game base as a blooming on top of the icing.

Moving accomplished raw centralized performance, bold profiles additionally let users accept a custom Brace amount on a per-app basis. There is additionally the advantage to about-face on accession anti-aliasing if you anticipate the edges of any accurate bold are aloof a bit too “jaggy” for your taste.

Armoury Crate Affectation options

Then there is Blow tweaking. You can use this agenda to fine-tune the acuteness of the display, as able-bodied as Air Activate blow and swipe. Again, on a per-app basis. The congenital apocryphal blow bounce algorithm can additionally be fine-tuned.

Armoury Crate Blow options

The Arrangement tab has abandoned a brace of toggles, but both potentially vital. One banned all accomplishments accompany action while arena a accustomed game, which can be the aberration amid a bland acquaintance and a abrupt ping-spike. The aforementioned goes for automatically switching amid Wi-Fi and a arrangement abstracts connection. While in best cases, the ROG Buzz 3 is acute abundant abandoned to do this aback it would be beneficial, there are appropriate cases. Some accurate amateur adeptness alike bead your affiliation if you aloof aback change your IP address.

Armoury Crate Arrangement options

Air Triggers, Key Mapping and Macros all get their own abstracted tabs in the Scenario Profiles interface. These absolutely appearance a account of all your assorted mapping profiles and macros, as accoutrement for the accustomed game, complete with acceptable screenshots for the mapping overlay. These airheaded are mostly meant to be a acceptable axial area for managing your collection. Also, Armoury Crate includes a chic affection to aback mappings, triggers, and macros for accepted amateur from an online repository. You can additionally neatly amalgamation all of your Scenario Profiles settings, or a subset via the allotment interface and upload them online. That can additionally accommodate any Avant-garde Hardcore achievement affability tweaks you adeptness accept agilely apparent and now appetite to contribute. The adequacy of a abundant community.

Downloading and administration settings, mappings and macros

And rounding things off in the profiles, we additionally accept a few arrangement and audio options. Honestly, we affectionate of feel like we’ve apparent too abounding options already. Yet, we still accept to analysis out the additional Animate tab from the capital ASUS Armoury Crate interface.

Armoury Crate Animate tab

Unlike profiles, the options actuality administer on a system-wide level. Abreast from the air-conditioned meters on the larboard handside, this is area you acquisition accepted settings like a account of amateur that automatically activate the Bold Bogie amount area they are launched from as able-bodied as accession account that says which apps can accept admission to abstracts at all while a bold is active in the foreground. Also, yet accession adjustment to Bold Bogie settings.

Bold toolbar and Bold Bogie settings

Above these, the big X Approach button is affectionate of adamantine to miss. It toggles X Approach on and off in abounding the aforementioned way as the quick toggle on the capital UI does. However, there are additionally options to potentially boggle with alike further. Aloof like you can abuse assertive aspects of X Approach behavior, as able-bodied as acuteness levels on a per-app basis, you can analogously acclimatize it on a system-wide akin via the Custom settings button.

L1, L2 and L3 X Approach settings

There are three basal levels of X Mode. L1 does its best to optimize agitation and responsiveness, about advocacy up during loading or alternation with the game. L2 starts squeezing-out achievement from both the CPU and GPU with little attention for an access in ability burning and heat. And L3 is basically “gloves-off” and the best you can automatically get out of the ROG Buzz 3, after resorting on per-app Hardcore Avant-garde achievement affability and the skillset all-important to be bigger than the auto approach on your own. For best users, this is the approach that will acceptable represent “full throttle”.

By default, strapping-on the AeroActive Cooler 3 fan and again enabling X approach via a toggle will go beeline to L3 mode. This can be set contrarily from the toggle on this menu. If you don’t appetite to use L3 mode, you allegation to accept the AeroActive Cooler 3 absorbed and running, though. L1 and L2 can be acclimated after it.

X Approach settings

Further bottomward the account of X Approach options, we additionally acquisition accustomed selectors for awning brace rate, acuteness sliders, and arrangement controls. Everything you allegation to accomplish the X Approach toggle activate absolutely what you want.

Going aback to the capital Animate interface, there are a few added options available. There is the Air Activate bureaucracy screen. This is area you can acclimatize sensitivity, activate acceleration and distance, multi-button separation, and added behavioral aspects. Absolute mapping is abroad aural the Bold Bogie interface.

AirTriggers settings

Fan controls for the attachable AeroActive Cooler 3 are additionally available. You can either leave it on auto and accept the arrangement adjudge aback and how abounding to access it up. Alternatively, you can set it to abounding bang and accept best cooling for both the buzz and your hands. Now, this does arise at the amount of acutely added babble and added array consumption.

AeroActive Cooler 3 acceleration controls

And we assuredly arise to Arrangement Lighting and RGB controls. Asus has a appealing apple-pie arrangement set up to ascendancy the RGB furnishings on the phone’s congenital logo, as able-bodied as those on alternative accessories. All of it is done through this interface. Of course, there are synchronization groups for added Aura Accompany accordant devices. Altered blush patterns, intensity, acceleration – the works.

Arrangement Lighting settings

You can additionally accept what gets to activate the RGB lights and which aftereffect should be triggered, with a fair bit of altitude attainable to accept from. The RGB logo can calmly cull double-duty as a notification LED. Though, the ROG Buzz 3 does still accept a committed one aloft the display.

Arrangement Lighting settings

Finding verified, properly-supported amateur to use with the assorted appearance of the ROG Buzz 3, like the aerial brace rate, TwinView berth and the GamePad is no attainable task. There is absolutely a growing cardinal of titles that accommodated the bill out there and, in no baby part, acknowledgment to advancing Asus efforts and assignment with developers. Things like authoritative the TwinView berth API for second-screen gaming calmly attainable for chargeless in the accepted Unity engine.

Featured amateur lists

To accumulate clue of all of this, as best it can, while additionally alms titles to the user, Armoury Crate has a Featured agenda in the top appropriate corner. It has a few categories of games, organized by accurate appearance with absolute links to the Google Comedy store. We achievement these lists grow, abnormally the 144Hz one, which abandoned had one bold at the time of autograph this review.

144Hz abutment account is in allegation of attention

Finally, there is the News menu, which houses a account of advisory clips on the ROG Buzz and its features, address of Asus. Not a bad idea, because the accurate sea of options accustomed to the user.

Beyond the all-encompassing ASUS Armoury Crate interface, there absolutely aren’t all that abounding proprietary Asus apps pre-loaded on the ROG Buzz 3 – aloof a brace of basics like a Clock, Calculator, Gallery, and File administrator – and they don’t get in the way while additionally alms theming abutment for a constant look. Nice job, Asus!

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